Why Winter is Prime Time for Flu Outbreaks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to report high flu activity throughout the United States. This means that more hospitalizations are being reported and flu-related deaths are increasing, although this year’s flu season appears to be an average one so far. Between October 1, 2016 and February 11, 2017, more than 8,200 laboratory-confirmed […] Read more »

Family Corner: Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease on the Rise

hand foot and mouth disease

It’s that time of year when many viruses start making their presence known, and lately one virus has been more prevalent than usual. Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a highly contagious illness that is most commonly seen in young children, but can affect adults. In late 2016, HFMD outbreaks began appearing across the […] Read more »

5 Things to Know About the Norovirus Stomach Bug

Winter is prime time not only for cold and flu viruses; it’s also the peak season for norovirus, an extremely contagious gastrointestinal virus that causes severe vomiting and diarrhea. Norovirus spreads quickly through contact with infected people, and by consuming contaminated food or drink or touching contaminated surfaces. Read more »

Identifying the Difference Between a Cold & Pneumonia

difference between cough and pneumonia

Like many people, you may have developed an annoying cough this winter. In most cases, the cause of a cough is nothing more than the common cold or flu. However, that lingering cough could also be a sign of pneumonia. Because pneumonia has many symptoms in common with less serious illnesses, it can be difficult […] Read more »

How to Get Cedar Fever Symptoms Under Control

cedar fever treatment

Unfortunately for a big percentage of Central Texas residents, the 2016-17 cedar fever season got an early start as a result of rainy weather and mild temperatures earlier in the year. On December 29, strong winds caused cedar pollen counts to skyrocket to nearly 22,000 grains per cubic meter. This reading was the second-highest count […] Read more »

What is Heart Disease?

heart health screenings

February is American Heart Month, an important awareness effort because millions of Americans do not know the devastating effect that heart disease continues to have on families and communities. Heart disease is the #1 killer of American women and men, and was responsible for about one in every four deaths in 2014. Read more »