4 Reasons for Your Child to Attend Summer Camp

Summer is the ideal time for kids to get out and explore their world. However, for many American children, the lack of structure during the summer months is actually harmful to their health. According to research compiled by the National Summer Learning Association, children gain weight two to three times faster during summer vacation than […] Read more »

6 Surefire Ways to Stay Fit Through the Holidays

With the holiday season comes a busy schedule of family gatherings and work parties – with plenty of rich food, sweet treats and drinks to go around. For those who have worked hard to lose weight and improve their overall health in the past year, this season can be especially difficult to navigate. That’s why […] Read more »

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

The time when your kids head back to school is also a great time to commit to healthier eating habits, both for yourself and your family! Previously we discussed the rising number of American adults who are now considered obese: an estimated 40% of women and 35% of men. However, the obesity epidemic has affected children as […] Read more »

Step it up: Tips to get in 10,000 steps per day


One of the best ways to keep weight gain at bay is to walk. Walking is a great choice of physical activity for many reasons. Just about anyone can do it, anywhere at anytime, and requires no equipment though I do suggest wearing a pedometer. It’s an easy way to track your steps each day […] Read more »

A Fresh Start to Fall Fitness

Women power walking

With summer coming to a close, a new school year in full swing and pleasant weather coming our way, you may have the sudden urge to make a healthy change, whether by stepping up your fitness routine or choosing to eat right. Before you begin those first steps this fall season, there are two key […] Read more »

Tips to Avoid Soreness & Discomfort Post-Workout


Summer is the ideal time of year to get in shape. Starting a new exercise program can be challenging and even daunting for some, as it reminds them that working out results in muscle soreness and discomfort. Although it doesn’t feel like it, a little bit of soreness is a good thing – it means […] Read more »

HIIT: A New Way to Get Fit in No Time


Recently, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has saturated the fitness industry. If done on a consistent basis, HIIT produces almost immediate results. It’s a great way to drop extra pounds and get in shape in no time, and with no equipment necessary. HIIT helps those who are trying to limit caloric intake, preserve muscle and […] Read more »