Why Winter is Prime Time for Flu Outbreaks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to report high flu activity throughout the United States. This means that more hospitalizations are being reported and flu-related deaths are increasing, although this year’s flu season appears to be an average one so far. Between October 1, 2016 and February 11, 2017, more than 8,200 laboratory-confirmed […] Read more »

Why Nasal Flu Vaccine is Not Recommended for 2016-17 Flu Season

While colder weather is on its way, flu season is just heating up. RediClinic reminds everyone that vaccination is the best way to keep this potentially life-threatening disease at bay. While flu shots are OK, there is one type of flu vaccine that is not recommended this flu season. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices […] Read more »

When is the Best Time to Get a Flu Shot?

Flu season generally runs from October to May, with the peak occurring sometime between December and February. Because it takes a couple of weeks for the flu shot to become fully effective, don’t delay any longer! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that every healthy individual age six months and older get vaccinated. […] Read more »

Pregnancy Flu Shot Protects Newborn for 8 Weeks, Says Study

Flu shot vaccines given to expectant mothers provide significant protection for their babies after birth, according to a new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics. The goal of the research was to determine how long infants were protected against influenza when a mother was immunized with a flu shot during pregnancy. Read more »

CDC Study Finds Flu Shots in Seniors Cuts Hospitalization Risk by 50%

A recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has added more evidence that a flu shot is a vital step in protecting the health of older Americans. Researchers found that among those age 50 and older who got a flu shot during the 2010-11 flu season, the risk of hospitalization […] Read more »

Flu Shot Vaccine Now Available at All RediClinic Locations

Fall brings with it cooler weather, falling leaves, football games – and the start of flu season. Strains of the flu virus can start spreading as early as October, therefore planning for vaccination today with a flu shot vaccine is the first and most important step in stopping the disease. It takes about two weeks […] Read more »