Use the Nutrition Facts Label for Healthy Holiday Eating

The holiday season is a wonderful time to share with family and friends, and food plays an important part in holiday celebrations. However, food doesn’t have to sabotage your healthy living goals during the holidays! Use the Nutrition Facts Label to help you make healthy food choices as you plan your holiday gatherings. The experts […] Read more »

Parents, Make These Healthy Eating Habits Part of Your Back-to-School Plan

The start of a new school year is a great time to recommit to your weight loss and healthy living goals! As you establish a regular school-day routine, be sure to add exercise and healthy meals into the daily plan. Here are some tips from the health experts at RediClinic. Read more »

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

The time when your kids head back to school is also a great time to commit to healthier eating habits, both for yourself and your family! Previously we discussed the rising number of American adults who are now considered obese: an estimated 40% of women and 35% of men. However, the obesity epidemic has affected children as […] Read more »

5 Ways To Improve Yourself, One Change at a Time


As a part of National Women’s Health Week, take an initiative to focus on better health. With a journey to better health, a stepping stone could be improving your diet. You’re not alone when it comes to contemplating making the right choices when you eat. It takes effort to figure out how to get the […] Read more »

New U.S. Dietary Guidelines Stress More Fruits & Veggies, Less Sugar

The federal government greeted the new year with an updated version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, officially released on January 7. The guidelines, which are revised every five years by the U.S. departments of Agriculture and Health & Human Services, are based on the most current nutrition research and serve as the government’s official […] Read more »