Clinical Services

Medical Clinics in select Rite Aid and H-E-B stores

At RediClinic, our board certified clinicians are licensed and extensively trained to diagnose and treat a variety of common health issues.

Get Healthy Services

  • Respiratory conditions, including sinus infections, sore throats, coughs, flu, bronchitis, allergies, and other related illnesses.
  • Head, Ear, and Eye conditions, including ear infections, pink eye, styes, and others.
  • Skin, Hair, and Nail conditions, including sunburn, wart removal, lice, acne, poison ivy, insect bites, and rashes.
  • Digestive and Urinary conditions, including diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, bladder infection, and urinary tract infections.

Live Healthy Services

Cosmetic Services

Other Services

  • Ear irrigation
  • STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) testing
  • And more

Getting Started

Whether you have a common illness, or need a routine checkup, our walk-in clinics are your most convenient and affordable healthcare option.

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