Employer Services

Being faced with the need to find healthcare solutions for your employees that they are able to afford can be a challenge. We are a part of the solution you have been looking for. RediClinic can actually lower the healthcare costs of your company by 5%, sometimes even more. Because the cost of medical coverage has risen 138.6% for employees and their families from 2000 to 2012, it is important that those costs are lowered and that your employees have convenient, affordable options such as RediClinic.

How RediClinic Helps

  • We will provide your employees with high-quality, affordable acute/episodic and preventative care.
  • We can provide resources for your employees so that they understand what their options are.
  • We take most major insurance plans, an office visit co-pay is accepted. Also, our pricing is affordable for cash paying patients.
  • We are located throughout the Greater Houston, Austin, and San Antonio areas, providing convenient access for all of your employees and their families where they live and shop.

Getting Started

As everyone knows, a happy and healthy employee is a good employee, so be sure that you give them the healthcare options they need. Whether you run a large or a small corporation, our Austin, San Antonio, or Houston walk-in clinics can give you the resources you need to properly take care of your employees.

Contact the RediClinic Employer Group

If you would like to be contacted by a RediClinic representative to learn more, please email us at: employer@rediclinic.com.