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RediClinic Offers New Low-Cost Cholesterol Program to Help Consumers Take Charge of their Health Program Provides Step-by-Step Plan to Determine Health Risk and Encourage Positive Lyfestyle Changes

HOUSTON (August 7, 2007) – RediClinic LLC announced today that it is offering a convenient new low-cost program to help consumers determine their risk for heart disease.  Available at RediClinics in Wal-Mart and H-E-B stores in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Virginia, the “Cholesterol Challenge” includes the most accurate and comprehensive cholesterol screening available, a health risk assessment and health counseling from a certified nurse practitioner.

High cholesterol is manageable, but when ignored can lead to serious health issues. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), high blood cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease, the leading cause of death in the U. S.  An estimated 107 million American adults have total blood cholesterol levels above the desirable range.  The National Cholesterol Education Program recommends that adults have their cholesterol levels checked at least every five years, but a high percentage of Americans report they have never had a cholesterol test

“There is a critical need for consumers to gain easier access to affordable preventive services such as screening for high cholesterol,” said Web Golinkin, president and chief executive officer of RediClinic LLC. “Although high cholesterol does not cause any symptoms, it can have an adverse impact on overall health.  Consumers need to know their numbers so they can take remedial action, if necessary.” 

The “Cholesterol Challenge” is available at three levels, none of which require fasting.  The Instant “Cholesterol Challenge,” offering three steps in 15 minutes for only $5, provides a quick total cholesterol check, as well as a health risk assessment conducted by a RediClinic certified nurse practitioner.

Based on the results of the total cholesterol test and health risk assessment, the nurse practitioner may also recommend the more advanced “Cholesterol Challenge Plus,” which includes the VAP® test, the most accurate and comprehensive cholesterol test available today, measuring 15 separate components of blood cholesterol as opposed to four in a standard test.  In addition, the patient receives two counseling sessions with the RediClinic nurse practitioner and a diet and exercise log to keep track of and reinforce lifestyle changes that may be indicated. The VAP test alone usually costs $150 in other healthcare outlets, but the entire program is available at RediClinic for only $49. 

The “Cholesterol Challenge Premium” program includes everything available in the Plus plan and two additional tests. The C-Reactive Protein test measures low-level inflammation, an indicator of heart disease, and the Homocysteine test screens for risk factors that could lead to heart disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia. The VAP test with the two additional tests usually costs $350 in other healthcare outlets, but the entire program is available at RediClinic for only $89.

Patients who are determined to have out-of-range cholesterol levels are referred to their primary care physicians for ongoing care.  If a patient does not have a regular physician, the RediClinic nurse practitioner will help them find one.

RediClinics are in-store healthcare facilities that offer consumers easy access to high-quality, routine medical services at affordable prices.  RediClinics are staffed by certified nurse practitioners who work with local physicians to diagnose, treat and prescribe medications for common medical conditions, such as earaches, strep throat and upper respiratory infections. They also administer a wide range of preventive services, including health screenings, flu shots and other vaccinations, and back-to-school physical exams.

RediClinics are open seven days a week (including most holidays) and offer extended hours on weekdays. Adults and children over age two are welcome, no appointments are necessary and a typical visit takes about 15 minutes.

RediClinic uses a proprietary electronic medical record system to document and guide patient visits. This system ensures patient suitability to RediClinic’s limited scope of practice and facilitates continuity of care when other clinicians are involved.  Patients who cannot be treated at RediClinic, or who need ongoing treatment, are referred to their primary care provider, if they have one, or to other physicians in their communities.

RediClinic visits are covered by the four largest commercial health insurance carriers – CIGNA, Aetna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare – as well as by Medicare and a growing number of regional carriers. Those who are covered by health plans that do not currently have agreements with RediClinic receive specially-formatted receipts that can be filed for possible reimbursement.

RediClinic operates 17 locations in H-E-B stores in Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas; 13 locations in Wal-Mart stores in Tulsa, Okla., Fayetteville and Rogers, Ark., and Richmond, Va.; and 16 clinics located in Walgreens stores in Atlanta, Ga. Additional RediClinics are scheduled to open throughout 2007.

For a complete list of locations, services, prices and additional information on RediClinic, visit www.rediclinic.com.

Revolution Clinics, an affiliate of the Revolution Health Group, a company created by AOL co-founder Steve Case, is RediClinic LLC’s largest investor and is providing the capital to support the national rollout of RediClinic LLC.

RediClinic LLC
Since 1989, RediClinic (formerly known as InterFit Health) has provided people with easy access to high-quality, affordable healthcare services. Today the company is a leader in convenient care and is the largest provider of retail health screening services in the United States. The company also provides health screenings, flu shots and other health-related services to major employers. For more information, visit www.rediclinic.com.
Revolution Clinics
Revolution Clinics is an affiliate of Revolution Health Group, a leading consumer-centric health company. Revolution Health strives to empower consumers by putting them at the center of the health system, building innovative health-related companies through investments, acquisitions and partnerships. The company’s strategy is to create businesses and products that provide greater consumer choice, control and convenience in three key healthcare sectors affected by the rapid growth of the Internet and defined-contribution health plans: content, coverage and care.

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