About RediClinic: A Message from Our CEO


Health care is one of our nation’s largest and fastest growing industries, accounting for nearly $3 trillion in annual expenditures and more than 15 percent of our gross domestic product. While our healthcare delivery system has significant strengths, including a tradition of scientific advancement and technological innovation that is unmatched elsewhere in the world, it rarely gets high marks for its accessibility and affordability.

RediClinic is doing its part to fix this, as a leading operator of retail-based, “convenient care” clinics that have thus far provided more than 2,000,000 consumers with easy access to high-quality, affordable acute/episodic and preventive care. RediClinic’s spirit of innovation and commitment to high levels of patient satisfaction have enabled the company to make tremendous strides since it was founded in 1989, but we could not have done it without the support of our partners, including major retailers, managed care companies and healthcare systems. We also would not have succeeded without the tremendous skill and dedication of the nurse practitioners, physician assistants and medical assistants who staff our clinics, the physicians who oversee them, and the many other RediClinic team members who support them.

RediClinic is well positioned to prosper in this era of healthcare reform, as the demand for primary care services increasingly outstrips supply, value-based reimbursement become more prevalent, and now that we have the resources of the $25.6 billion Rite Aid Corporation behind us. However, we will never lose sight of the fact that the quality of our care is of paramount importance, and we will continue to make the substantial investments in people, training and technology that that are necessary to maintain our leadership role in consumer-driven healthcare.

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Webster Golinkin
Chief Executive Officer
RediClinic LLC