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Author page: Drubo

Common Misconceptions about Vaccinations Part 1

Three Vaccine Myths You Must Avoid

It is normal for parents to have reservations about getting vaccinations for themselves or their children. At RediClinic, we believe education about vaccines is the best way to help concerned parents. Many misconceptions about vaccines continue to persist due to a lack of understanding about vaccination and how it works. Here are a few common misunderstandings related…

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Focus on Your Child’s Health with the Back-to-School Teen Health Package

Back-to-School Health Guide for Teenagers: Health Screening, Immunization and More

Teens have special healthcare needs that make a yearly check-up with a healthcare professional a wise precaution. Back-to-school physicals conducted prior to the start of each school year provide an ideal opportunity to track physical, mental and social development, and discuss healthy behaviors that can lead teens to positive health habits as adults. These behaviors include eating…

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College-Age Students, Do You Know Which Immunizations You Need

A Full Vaccination Guide for College Student: Which Vaccines to Take and When

In support of National Immunization Awareness Month, RediClinic reminds parents and college-bound students to be aware of the immunizations needed before heading off to school. Each state has specific vaccination requirements for college students. If you will be attending an out-of-state school, you may need additional vaccinations. Learn more about the state mandates on immunizations and vaccine-preventable diseases. Why…

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