What to Expect for Back-to-School Physicals at RediClinic

If your children are getting ready to head back to school, visiting RediClinic for an annual physical is an important part of that preparation. These check-ups are often the only routine visit children have with a healthcare provider. While they may not seem urgent, back-to-school physicals offer your clinician time to evaluate a child’s physical development, ensure immunizations are up-to-date and provide wellness guidance. The back-to-school season is a convenient time to put these exams on your family’s schedule, because no appointment is necessary at RediClinic.

Back to School, Back to RediClinic

Whether your child is just starting preschool or kindergarten or needs an annual school sports physical, here’s what you can expect.

  • Routine physical. Your clinician will measure your child’s height, weight, pulse and blood pressure. Your child’s vision will be checked. The clinician will also check the heart, abdomen, lymph nodes, joints, spine, muscles, skin, eyes, ears, nose and throat for abnormalities.
  • Review of medical history. Your clinician will review your child’s health and family history. In addition to discussing any previous or current illnesses, the clinician will review any medications your child currently takes.
  • Immunizations. All students who attend public and private schools must be vaccinated according to state immunization guidelines prior to attending school. Your clinician will determine if your child is current on immunizations and administer all necessary vaccines.
  • Printed assessment. You will receive a printed report for both walk-in sports physicals and back-to-school physicals for your records and to provide documentation to your child’s school.

The Best Value for Back to School

RediClinic is your best choice when you need walk-in physicals. Our clinics are a great alternative to a doctor’s office because you will receive the same quality care with no appointment needed. Simply walk in, seven days a week, at your convenience.

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