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If you are aware of promising weight loss dietary supplements, you might have heard about Biofit. The Biofit probiotic supplements took weight-loss industry by storm when they were first released. There were a lot of promises made and a lot more broken. But the end question remains: Does Biofit probiotic supplement aid with weight loss? 

A supplement that sugar coats the truth!

Biofit markets as a supplement that aids with weight loss within a few weeks of usage. A few people who have used the supplement shared that Biofit ceases to show any results even after using it for 12 weeks. Most of the Biofit review online talk if the supplement works but do not talk about the ingredients used, if Biofit is an ideal option for weight loss, or if there is an alternative to the same. 

Marketed as one of the most effective and best probiotics for weight loss, Biofit does not deliver what it promises – weight loss. Compared to some weight loss products that work, Biofit cannot even be considered an option for weight and fat loss.

Let’s begin the Biofit Review!


What is Biofit?

Biofit is not a weight loss formula but a multi-strain probiotic that regulates gut functioning. It helps balance the bacteria in the gut, decreases appetite and cravings, and helps reduce inflammation, if any. Unfortunately, the supplement does not do any good in suppressing hunger cravings or appetite and is very ineffective in weight loss. 

Biofit is available in a pill form, and one has to take it along with the meal three times a day. The manufacturers suggest that individuals use at least 6 bottles to witness visible changes. However, this is just how the product is being marketed and only works as a weight loss aid.

How it helps in weight loss


Biofit as a Probiotic and Not a Weight Loss Aid :

Most of us have heard the term probiotic a couple of times but must be made aware of how this works. Probiotics are a kind of bacteria that are good for the gut. These can be taken as a supplement or in the form of fermented food. 

Studies have proven that imbalance in gut bacteria can cause many health issues, including weight gain, immunity disorders, and gastric issues, and can also worsen overall digestive health. Biofit review state that it works on the gut by balancing the bacteria in the gut. 

Balances the bacteria and improves digestion– Thanks to the lifestyle most of us follow, we have fewer good bacteria in our gut. This can happen for various reasons like using certain medicines, not having a nutritious diet, lack of sleep, etc.

As our digestive system has fewer good bacteria, many health issues pop up, and individuals can also witness weight gain or obesity. Biofit promises to improve the good bacteria in the body and helps with weight loss and overall physical wellness. However, it underdelivers. 

It works on the immune system but not on weight loss – One of the biggest advantages of using probiotics is that it improves the immune system, and the probiotic can be anything. Even a natural probiotic like yogurt can improve the body’s immunity. Probiotics enhance the ability of the human body to fight against viruses, bacteria, and germs. 

Biofit is a mere probiotic and nothing more. The benefits mentioned above can also be obtained by following a healthy lifestyle and diet and by taking any other probiotic and not just Biofit.  If we talk about weight or fat loss, there are far better options one can consider. 

Does Biofit even help with weight loss?

Now that we learned how Biofit works, it is time to answer the most asked question – how does it help with weight loss and reduce weight and fat? Unfortunately, no proven studies can back up the claim that Biofit aids with weight loss. 

Biofit claims to improve digestive health and support the growth of good bacteria in the gut. None of these claims are directly related to weight or fat loss.

Does Biofit have the right ingredients for weight loss?

We have spoken about Biofit being a multi-strain probiotic and not a weight loss aid. So, what does Biofit include? 

Biofit is known to have seven effective probiotic strains. As per the makers, Biofit helps improve digestive health in adults and kids. It also boosts the growth of good bacteria in the gut. As a result, it reduces gastrointestinal issues, blood cholesterol levels, and LDL cholesterol. 

However, none of the probiotic benefits can directly relate to weight or belly fat reduction. By regular use of Biofit, the percentage of good bacteria in the gut increases, increasing the metabolism as well. 

The types of bacterial strains in Biofit are of the following types :

  1. Bacillus Subtilis – This is the main blend of Biofit. Bacillus Subtilis was studied to understand its effect on weight loss; however, the results showed a loose link between them. So, the claims of Bacillus Subtilis as a weight loss probiotic can be a little unreliable. 
  2. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus – This probiotic can be found naturally in yogurt. This helps with gut balancing.  
  3. Lactobacillus Casei – This is one of the oral probiotics that help with acidity issues. Its use in capsules in Biofit greatly reduces its effectiveness. However, how Lactobacillus Casei aids with weight loss is still unknown. 
  4. Lactobacillus Plantarum – Lactobacillus Plantarum improves gut health, and several studies support this claim. However, its link with weight loss is still to be found. Lactobacillus Plantarum helps with digestion and promotes the growth of good bacteria.
  5. Lactobacillus Acidophilus – This is the fifth probiotic strain used in Biofit, and this is one of those that claim to promote weight loss and can be slightly effective. Lactobacillus Acidophilus helps with the breakdown of carbohydrates in the body. This, in turn, helps with blood sugar regulation and prevents overeating. It is also helpful for those who suffer from bloating after consuming carbs. So, people with the above issues can benefit greatly from this probiotic strain. 
  6. Bifidobacterium Longum – This probiotic has a high content of breast milk, and this helps with the development of good microbiomes in young people. However, its effectiveness in weight loss is still unknown.  
  7. Bifidobacterium Breve- This is another probiotic that works like a charm on digestive health, and that is what the studies have proven it to do. However, its use in a weight loss supplement remains questionable. 

If we consider Biofit a probiotic supplement, it is well-rounded and effective. However, its claims of being a great weight loss and fat-burning aid sound unreliable. 

Why should I go for Biofit?

Pros And Cons

  • You won’t have to go on fad diets or engage in strenuous workouts if you stick to the supplement plan.
  • The ingredients are vegan-friendly because it does not contain any dairy, meat, or egg products.
  • They assist you in losing weight while increasing your vitality and stamina.
  • Scam sites sell BioFit Probiotic supplements that look and work exactly like the real thing. There’s a good chance you’ll be taken advantage of if not purchased from the official site
  • They are only available on the internet. Currently, they are not available in local pharmacies. As a result, they are not available immediately after purchase.

Is Biofit safe to use?

The makers have claimed that Biofit is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, and a third-party lab has tested the formula. Biofit does not include preservatives and artificial ingredients, and it does not have side effects in adults who are healthy.

However, Biofit is a health supplement that is not regulated or tested by the FDA. In addition, Biofit is GMP as well as NSF certified. 

Even in general, probiotics are considered safe and do not show any side effects in most cases. However, mild side effects can be caused at times, and these can include acidity, feeling thirsty, or bloating.

These are not ideal for those who already have suppressed or poor immunity or are suffering from an illness. In addition, these can show side effects in those who underwent surgery recently. 

Does Biofit work even if one takes it for 12 weeks, as claimed?

Going by what we know now, the answer would be a “NO.” We can say that Biofit is a good probiotic but is not a weight loss aid. The product is marketed as a weight loss supplement, and we have yet to find any studies or even ingredients that can back this claim. 

The makers of Biofit have claimed that it would take at least 12 weeks for some results to show. Also, this intake must be paired with a healthy diet and exercise to witness some results. A few customers who used Biofit have only seen visible changes in their digestion but no visible weight, fat or inch loss. And weight loss can also be achieved by taking an actual weight loss aid like PhenQ and by pairing it with a healthy diet and exercise. 

Customer Biofit Review:

Let us now look at what Biofit review say about this product.

“The product does not work at all. The biofit review about the product are fake. It did ease my digestion but nothing for fat loss.”

“I think Biofit isn’t for weight loss, but it markets itself as one, which is bad.” 

“I have seen biofit review which states that they have seen results in just a week. Do not trust that. Nothing much happens even after you use it for a month.” 

Now that we know that Biofit is a probiotic supplement and the bacteria strains used in it do not do much with weight loss let us look at the best alternative, PhenQ. 

PhenQ is a weight-loss system that merges the synergistic power of natural, plant-based supplements. Thermogenic ingredients in this concentrated proprietary formula are scientifically proven to boost your metabolism so that you burn calories and fat quicker.
69.99 79.99

The best alternative to Biofit is PhenQ

Best Alternatives

PhenQ : The Actual Weight Loss Supplement

If you are looking for an effective yet safe weight loss supplement, it is time you try PhenQ. A UK Company, Wolfson Berg Ltd, has made some of the best supplements in the past 15 years. PhenQ works by,

Both men and women can use PhenQ as a weight loss supplement, and it increases the body’s muscle mass and helps build lean muscles. A 60-day money-back guarantee also backs the product. 

Ingredients :

It is important to check the ingredients before you start using any dietary or weight loss supplements, and the same applies to PhenQ. Known as a very powerful fat burner, PhenQ is a blend of thermogenic ingredients, and a few of them are listed below. 

All the ingredients used are known to promote weight loss and burn stubborn fat stored in the body, especially near the belly. 

Dosage, no. of pills per day

How To Use

How does PhenQ work?

The effect of PhenQ on weight loss is backed by various studies and the use of scientifically proven ingredients. All the ingredients used are quite potent and work by improving metabolism and energy levels. The supplement also contains fat burners that burn fat via thermogenesis. 

PhenQ’s formula has all-natural ingredients, fat burners, and amino acids. These help with consistent weight loss over a period of time. 

PhenQ can be taken twice a day, once with breakfast in the morning and one tablet with lunch. However, as the supplement has a high caffeine content, it is advised not to take it after 3 pm. 

Our proposal : PhenQ as best option


When we compare Biofit with PhenQ, it does not even come close to the latter. So if you are still considering Biofit, it is good as a probiotic, but is it wise to spend so much on it? 

If you are looking for an effective weight loss supplement, we suggest you check out PhenQ. Biofit, on the other hand, is a good probiotic that improves gut health and helps overcome digestive issues, if any. Never go by the claims and trust or invest in Biofit. 

Whatever your choice is, make sure to have a word with your physician before you try these out. This is necessary when you are suffering from an existing health ailment or have had one.

PhenQ is a weight-loss system that merges the synergistic power of natural, plant-based supplements. Thermogenic ingredients in this concentrated proprietary formula are scientifically proven to boost your metabolism so that you burn calories and fat quicker.
69.99 79.99

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