3 Lifestyle Factors That Could Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk


lower your breast cancer risk Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October is a stark reminder of just how far-reaching is this disease. According to the American Cancer Society, about one in eight women develop breast cancer. With the exception of some types of skin cancer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) rank breast cancer as the most common cancer among women of all races and ethnicities, and the second leading cause of cancer death among women (only lung cancer kills more women). The good news is breast cancer rates have been dropping in recent decades, likely due to a combination of increased awareness and health screenings, along with better treatments.

Report: Lifestyle Impacts Breast Cancer Risk

A recent report from the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund indicates that in addition to participating in screenings, women can make lifestyle choices that may cut their breast cancer risk. The report findings were based on a review of 119 studies from around the world which included more than 12 million women and more than 260,000 breast cancer cases.

According to the report, researchers determined there is evidence that the following lifestyle factors decrease the risk of breast cancer:

  • Regular exercise. Daily physical activity resulted in a decreased risk for breast cancer among both premenopausal and postmenopausal women.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight. Women who were overweight or obese throughout adulthood, or who gained weight during adulthood, had a higher risk for breast cancer after menopause.
  • Limiting alcohol consumption. Drinking the equivalent of a small glass of wine each day increased a woman’s odds of breast cancer. According to the CDC, drinking at levels above the moderate drinking guidelines significantly increases the risk of cancer.

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