4 Health Precautions to Take When Traveling Overseas

vaccination clinic for international travelDo your holiday plans include international travel to vacation or participate in a mission trip or other event? Before you go abroad, a few simple precautions will help you protect your health and get the most out of your travel experience.

Preparing for Your Trip

  • Stay informed. Be aware of any travel warnings or health precautions that could impact travel to your destination, such as Zika virus. Register for the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program to connect with the nearest U.S. Embassy and stay informed while traveling.
  • Get the vaccinations you need in advance. Immunizations will protect you from serious diseases that are common in other countries. Visit a RediClinic vaccination clinic four to six weeks prior to an international trip. This will give you time to complete all vaccine series prior to departure, and gives your body time to build immunity against disease. Your clinician can help you determine which vaccines are required for your destination.
  • Stock up on medication. Ensure you have enough prescription medication to not run out while traveling. All medications should be transported in their original labeled containers. You may also want to bring certain over-the-counter medicines such as antidiarrheal medication, antihistamine and anti-motion sickness medication. Consult your clinician for recommendations.
  • Verify health insurance coverage. Ensure you have health insurance when traveling abroad. If your health plan only insures within the U.S., purchase supplemental insurance that will cover medical expenses including emergency medical evacuation. Remember, Social Security and Medicare do not offer coverage outside the U.S.

Travel Healthy with RediClinic

RediClinic’s Travel Healthy Package offers expert guidance to ensure you are ready for international travel. The package includes a comprehensive pre-travel health evaluation, administration of travel vaccines, an immunization certificate if applicable, prescriptions, travel tips and destination-specific information.

Travel healthy – make an online appointment today to be seen at your nearest walk-in clinic!