4 Ways You Can Commemorate Diabetes Awareness Month


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The entire month of November is Diabetes Awareness Month and the perfect time to participate in activities that increase awareness and education about this serious disease. Here’s how to make a difference.

  • Learn diabetes warning signs. Type 1 diabetes generally strikes in childhood or adolescence, while type 2 diabetes is most common among those over age 45. Knowing the symptoms of diabetes can help the disease be diagnosed early enough before complications become life-threatening. They include frequent urination, extreme thirst, fatigue, dry mouth, itchy skin, increased hunger, unexpected weight loss, slow-healing cuts and sores, and yeast infections.
  • Be proactive about diabetes management. If you’re a type 2 diabetic, knowing the ABCs of diabetes can help you practice good health management that will lower your risk for heart disease and other life-threatening conditions. A healthcare professional can help you develop an individual treatment plan to manage diabetes and lower your risk for additional health problems.
  • Wear blue on Fridays. Wear blue on World Diabetes Day (November 14) and all four Fridays of November to show your support for diabetes awareness and education. Spread the word using the hashtag “#bluefridays” on social channels and search to see who else is wearing blue!
  • Participate in a fundraiser. Participation in an organized walk or other event is a great way to fundraise for diabetes education, research and advocacy. The American Diabetes Association organizes Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes fundraising walks in communities across the country. JDRF One Walk promotes the effort to cure, prevent and treat type 1 diabetes and its complications.

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