5 Effective Strategies to Fend Off Holiday Weight Gain

avoid holiday weight gain

It really is possible to enjoy the holidays without losing sight of your health goals! Here are proven tips to help you from RediClinic, your trusted expert on healthy living.

mini quiches 3755822Strategy #1: Bring your own food. If you’re invited to a gathering and you’re asked to contribute a dish, make it a healthy one! You can ensure you have something to enjoy, and others will also appreciate the option to eat healthy. If the gathering is catered or you can’t bring food along, try eating the healthiest offerings at the beginning of the meal to help you avoid overeating during the main course.

Try this recipe for Mini Mushroom-&-Sausage Quiches from Eating Well magazine!

Strategy #2: Eat before hitting the town. Before heading out to an event where a meal is served, have a healthy snack to curb your appetite. When you aren’t hungry on arrival, you can skip the appetizers and save your appetite for the meal.

Strategy #3: Choose food wisely. Fill your plate with low-calorie items, such as green salads, vegetables and lean proteins. It’s OK to indulge in a few of your holiday favorites, but take smaller portions of the high-calorie dishes. You can also try serving yourself on a salad or dessert plate for the main course. Your plate will look full and you will eat a smaller portion.

Strategy #4: Control your environment. If possible, sit next to another guest who is a healthy eater for support. When you are chatting with other guests, stand away from appetizers and drinks so you are not tempted to eat and drink just to have something to do with your hands.

Strategy #5: Keep moving. Even though schedules become busier during the holiday season, it’s important to make time for exercise. At a minimum, complete two 30-minute workouts each week for up to three weeks. After the holidays, resume your usual fitness program.

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