5 Ways To Improve Yourself One Change at a Time


nwhw-imageAs a part of National Women’s Health Week, take an initiative to focus on better health. With a journey to better health, a stepping stone could be improving your diet. You’re not alone when it comes to contemplating making the right choices when you eat. It takes effort to figure out how to get the best nourishment in your next meal. During the decision process, opt for the choice that is healthier.

There will always be barriers to prevent you from choosing the healthier option. I challenge you to pick one change today. Pick the change that is easiest for your life at this moment, possibly the one with the least amount of foreseen barriers. It may help to already have solutions in mind for possible barriers. This increases your chances of a successful change and may spur on other changes. Even if it is just one change for one meal! That is a step in the right direction towards better health.

  1. If you know that you don’t stay hydrated enough throughout the day, try to increase your water intake. Instead of a sugar sweetened beverage, drink water! Is this a challenge for you? Try carbonated or flavored waters. Add fruits and/or vegetables to your water. Water infused with cucumbers is my favorite. The bonus is that you can snack on the fruit or vegetable after.
  2. Instead of dessert, get some fruit. In comparison to dessert, fruit should be lower in calories and higher in nutrient density while providing you with natural sweetness. Try frozen fruits and even cooked fruits for some variety! Anytime you get fruits or vegetables that are canned or frozen try to aim for the package that has the only ingredient listed to be that fruit or vegetable.
  3. Instead of going out to eat, figure out how you can cook at home. If you don’t have any groceries at home, stop by the grocery store and pick up the small amount of groceries you need. Pick something from your nearest deli for fully cooked protein. Utilize the sections that have fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that are already portioned out for you. For your dairy group, you can get portioned out yogurt packs. Make sure you get a lean source. If you have more time, feel free to get more groceries.nutrition wf
  4. Start your meal out with vegetables. If you eat a lot of vegetables in the beginning of your meal, you may indirectly decrease other food groups that you know you should be decreasing. For instance, maybe you eat too many grains; try to see how increasing your vegetable portion affects your grain intake. You can even try to get a crunch from vegetables like chips.
  5. A lot of times we think to ourselves… I should probably be making a healthier choice and do                                 (fill in the blank). You may already know what healthier choice you would like to do. Maybe you have wanted to cut down fried foods, cut down on getting up for seconds, eat from a smaller plate, etc. Try to reflect on what you have known you could improve with your nutrition. Now act on it.

There are many other changes you can do for better health. Working on nutrition is only part of it. Remember, your current habits did not develop overnight. Be patient with new lifestyle changes. It will take time. Don’t get overwhelmed. Your new habits can all start with one new change at a time. If you need a more personalized approach to your nutrition, seek out a dietitian that will work with you. These suggestions were not all inclusive, just merely possible starting points. A registered dietitian would be able to be more specific towards your needs.


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