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This Movember, You Can Change the Face of Men’s Health


The Movember campaign is a fun way to raise awareness about men’s health issues and encourage men to live happier, healthier and longer lives. Here’s what you need to know about this observance. What Is the Movember Foundation? The Movember Foundation is a charity that was founded in 2003 with a commitment to help “change the face” of men’...

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4 Back-To-School Tips for Children with Allergies


As the new school year is underway and the fall season is here, allergies continue to run rampant. Seasonal allergy symptoms – like sneezing, headaches, runny noses, and itchy eyes – can affect a child’s performance at school. Fortunately, there are ways you can help your child control their fall allergies, no matter if they have nasal allergi...

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How Long It Takes for the Flu Shot to Become Effective


Americans will soon start to don long sleeves and warm coats, which is a good reminder that it’s time to get immunized against the flu. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), everyone six months of age and older should get a flu vaccine every season. This preventive step is especially important for those at risk o...

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The ABC’s of Back-to-School Physicals: What to Expect and When to Schedule


No matter which grade your child is about to enter, a routine physical exam is an important part of back-to-school preparation. This annual physical can also be combined with a sports physical examination, required if your child will be participating in extracurricular activities this school year. RediClinic, your source for high-quality sch...

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RediClinic Provides Quick Response to Sunburns, Insect Bites and Stings


The last thing any parent wants is their child being uncomfortable due to a rash, sunburn, insect bite, bee sting, or any of the other unfortunate events that can happen when partaking in outdoor activities. The goal is to make outdoor activities as fun and enjoyable as possible for your children, and having any of these mishaps can quickly ...

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Tetanus Shot: An Important Vaccine For All Ages


Tetanus is a disease caused by Clostridium tetani, a type of bacteria found worldwide in dust, soil and manure. The bacteria enter the body through a wound, which may include a cut, puncture wound, deep scrape or burn, or any injury that breaks the skin. They produce a toxin that affects the nervous system and causes seizures and severe muscle s...

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How to Nip Spring Allergy Season in the Bud


Just like people, seasonal allergens become more active at the end of a long, cold winter. Trees, grasses and molds begin to release pollen and spores, which makes enjoyment of the warmer spring and summer weather difficult for many. If you’re afflicted by seasonal allergies such as hay fever, now is the time to prepare for allergy season! H...

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Report: HPV Vaccine Remains Seriously Underutilized in US


A new President’s Cancer Panel report is warning that HPV vaccine uptake in the United States remains too low to maximize a reduction in cancer cases. HPV vaccine, which became available in 2006, protects against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV) virus. Infection with HPV can lead to several types of cancer, including cancers o...

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It’s Time to Get a Jump Start on Camp Physicals


If your child is planning to attend a summer camp for the first time this year, you’ve both got an adventure ahead! Summer camp can do wonders for kids’ confidence and sense of independence while giving parents some much-needed downtime. The key to preparing for this experience is to start early with a camp physical at RediClinic. Make This T...

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6 Signs Your Cough Could Be Pneumonia


Pneumonia is a common and very serious lung infection that can affect people of all ages. Cold and flu season is prime time for pneumonia to strike. That’s because the same viruses that cause cold and flu symptoms can also infect your lungs. And if you’re already sick with the cold or flu, you are also more susceptible to infection with bact...

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