Why I Chose And Why I Stay In Convenient Care


Darcy Ortiz - Physician AssistantDarcy Ortiz, Physician Assistant, RediClinic Clinician was featured in News-Line for Healthcare Professionals–sharing her story about why she chose to work in convenient care and why it continues to be such a rewarding way to care for patients. “Even after five years working in convenient care, I still feel sheepish when I tell my PA colleagues that I work in a grocery store! I have more autonomy, my work is incredibly rewarding and I have a full-time schedule that allows me to be home with my children every day. Yet, when a friend from PA school tells me she works at MD Anderson, I have to explain a bit after I tell her I’m next to the candy and gum! I enjoy the autonomy that convenient care allows. I run my own clinic. I see my own patients. I make sure I have time to close my charts so that when I go home, I’m done.” Check out Darcy’s full story here.