Coughing? Trouble Breathing? Breathe Easy With Nebulizer Breathing Treatments

For patients with respiratory ailments, a nebulizer breathing treatment may be an effective way to ensure quick and thorough relief. Through the use of a clinically-supervised nebulizer treatment, patients can inhale medication directly into the lungs, helping ease airway inflammation and allowing for easier breathing.

The breathing treatment is effective for individuals experiencing wheezing, coughing and trouble breathing due to the following respiratory conditions:

  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Seasonal allergies

nebulizer breathing treatments

What a Nebulizer Does

A nebulizer takes liquid medicine and reduces it to a fine spray or mist that can be easily inhaled. For some patients – particularly young children, older people and severely debilitated people who have trouble using an inhaler – a nebulizer is a better option. Nebulizer breathing treatments may be self-administered or administered by a healthcare professional.

How It Works

Parts of a nebulizer include a mouthpiece or face mask connected with plastic tubing to a container which holds the medicine. The patient generally breathes the medication for 10 to 20 minutes, which offers the benefit of delivering medication very quickly to the respiratory tract. Nebulizer treatments can help stop respiratory problems from developing as well as treat acute breathing emergencies.

During a nebulizer treatment at RediClinic, a board-certified clinician will assess for necessity and then administer the mist while the patient’s respiratory system opens up to allow for better oxygen exchange. At the end of a treatment, the clinician can assess for lung function and administer another treatment if warranted.

Get Symptom Relief at RediClinic

If you or a loved one is experiencing wheezing, coughing and/or trouble breathing due to a respiratory condition, come to RediClinic for a clinically-supervised nebulizer breathing treatment. We may also provide a referral for ongoing care. Same- or next-day appointments are available to receive a nebulizer breathing treatment at your nearest RediClinic. RediClinics are open seven days a week, including most holidays.

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