Do You Need a Spring Sports Physical or Camp Physical?

do you need a spring sports physical or camp physicalDoes your child play a spring sport? Do you need a current physical to register for an upcoming camp or other event? Then make an appointment at your nearest RediClinic walk-in clinic! Our board-certified clinicians offer physicals for sports, camp and school, in addition to basic physicals. These physicals are comprehensive and ensure that your child has no health issues preventing them from participating in the organized activity.

Get More from Your Physical

Unlike a sports physical that might be done at your local school or community center, a RediClinic sports physical is more comprehensive and includes a full review of your child’s health history and a physical examination. Your clinician will review current medications to ensure chronic conditions are being properly managed. We offer counseling about past illness and injury, along with tips to help avoid further injuries. RediClinic also has all routine vaccinations in stock, so you can become current if necessary.

During the physical exam, the clinician will evaluate your child’s height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, joints, reflexes, spine and more, looking for any abnormalities. There will be a vision and hearing screening. If the clinician determines that it is safe for your child to participate in a given sport or activity, he or she will fill out all required paperwork and provide a printout for your records.

Trust RediClinic for Your Healthcare Needs

Since 1989, RediClinic has been providing patients with high-quality, affordable and convenient healthcare. We offer a wide range of preventive and acute care services, so we can help children and adults get healthy and live healthy. Our low pricing ensures that you have the most affordable healthcare options available to you.

Make an online appointment to be seen at RediClinic today for a sports physical!