Flu Shot Vaccine Now Available at All RediClinic Locations

get flu shot vaccine at RediClinicFall brings with it cooler weather, falling leaves, football games – and the start of flu season. Strains of the flu virus can start spreading as early as October, therefore planning for vaccination today with a flu shot vaccine is the first and most important step in stopping the disease.

It takes about two weeks after vaccination for the body to develop immune protection. To protect as many Americans as possible, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that all individuals age six months and older get an annual flu shot by the end of October, if possible.

However, flu vaccinations should continue throughout the flu season since viruses circulate well into the spring. Flu season typically peaks from December through February in the United States, but outbreaks can appear as late as May.

Flu Shot Vaccine Very Important for At-Risk Individuals

Flu shots are especially important for those who are at-risk of developing life-threatening complications from the flu, and those who come in close contact with these individuals.

  • Adults age 65 years and older
  • Children younger than five, especially babies younger than two years old*
  • Pregnant women
  • Anyone with a compromised immune system due to disease or medication
  • Residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities
  • Healthcare workers

When vaccinated, at-risk individuals will have a reduced chance of becoming infected with the flu. Those who do become infected may experience a less severe illness.

Get Vaccinated Today at RediClinic

All RediClinic locations are stocked with this season’s flu shot, as well as FLUAD, a flu shot specially formulated to provide stronger protection against the flu for adults age 65 and older. Schedule an appointment online to get vaccinated at your nearest RediClinic, or walk in at your convenience!

* RediClinic treats patients 18 months and older.