Flu Shots Now Available at All RediClinic Health Clinics

fall flu shots

Cooler weather is an important reminder to protect yourself and those you love from a potentially severe flu season. Strains of the flu virus usually start spreading in October but can start sickening people as early as September. Flu shots have proven to be one of the most effective ways to stop this serious disease. The best time to get a flu shot is in the fall – so head to your nearest RediClinic today!

Why the Flu Shot Is Important

Each year, researchers work to determine which strains of flu virus are likely to be most common during the upcoming flu season. The seasonal flu shot includes those strains. However, the effectiveness of a flu vaccine during a given season can be affected by the age, health and other characteristics of the person being vaccinated. Effectiveness may also be impacted by which flu viruses actually circulate within the community during a given season.

Recent studies indicate the flu vaccine reduces the risk of illness by an estimated 40-60% when the vaccine is well-matched with circulating viruses. That’s why the flu shot is important and recommended for all healthy individuals age six months and older.

Types of Flu Shots Available at RediClinic

In addition to providing protection against flu viruses, the vaccines offered at RediClinic are also preservative-free. Learn more about why preservatives are sometimes used in vaccines.

Be Redi to Conquer Flu Season – Get Vaccinated Today!

Flu shots** are available at all RediClinics in select H-E-B and Rite Aid stores seven days a week and are covered by most major insurance plans! Our board-certified clinicians have answers to any questions you may have about the seasonal flu shot. In addition, we can help individuals age 18 months and older get current with other recommended immunizations. Scheduling a time to visit a healthcare provider can be difficult, which is why RediClinic offers convenient same- or next-day appointments and also accepts walk-ins. Make an online appointment to get vaccinated against the flu today!

*RediClinic clinicians see patients 18 months and older.
**Vaccines are subject to availability.