Back to School, Now Back to You


With all of the swim parties, lessons, baseball games, and vacation days this summer your fitness may have taken a back seat to all of the fun. The back-to-school season is the perfect time for you to refocus your fitness and make it a priority. Once your kids are back in school you can rekindle your fire and burn some calories again. Here are seven tips and ideas to jump start your workout plan and motivate you to move!

Focus on your health when the kids are in school

  • Find an early or mid-morning boot camp. If your kids are old enough to get ready for school by themselves there are many boot camp classes that start early enough for you to be home in time to make breakfast and send your kids out the door. Mid-morning boot camps are now being offered with the stay-at-home mom in mind that start anywhere from 8 – 10 a.m. Search your local newspaper, church or recreation center for more information in your area.
  • Revive interest in your hobbies. Think of the things you use to do as a kid and start doing them! Many dance studios now offer adult dance and/or gymnastics classes. Find a league or group that offers your favorite sport. For example, many area churches offer basketball, soccer, softball and flag football leagues played at various times of the day and year.
  • Involve your mate! Since summer is often taken up with kids doctor’s appointments, summer league and gymnastics you have probably neglected your mate a little. Take a chance and sign up for a couples dance class, such as Fred Astaire Dance Studio where they hold classes 1-3 days a week or a Fun Run and train together for a race in the fall.
  • Fido needs a friend. While the kids are away, the dogs will… probably lie around a little more than usual. Use the time after dropping off the kids to take the dog for a 2-mile walk or bring the dog with you to encourage you to continue walking after you walk your kids to school.
  • Nothing is better than noon. Check with your local gym or recreation center. Many of them now offer noon fitness classes for those that work full-time and have children or often have early morning or late evening meetings. Plus, it helps you avoid those tempting lunchtime meetings with too much food!
  • Go to Recess! There is no greater exercise than exercising with your kids. Check with your child’s school to see if parents are allowed to attend recess with their children. A 20-30 game of tag or kickball can burn up to 300 calories. Plus, it’s great for building your relationship with your child and his or her friends.
  • Encourage your children to participate. Studies have shown that kids who get an adequate amount of exercise are able to concentrate and perform better in school. Wake your kids up an hour before your normal time and go for a morning walk or jog together. It’s the perfect time to talk about the upcoming day or the day before and get to know your child and his or her passion for life.