How are Asthma and Allergies Related?

Little boy using Asthma inhaler for breathing on white background allergiesDid you know that the wheezing and shortness of breath experienced by someone with asthma could be triggered by the same response as someone who has pollen allergies? In fact, it’s estimated that about half of all asthma sufferers have allergic asthma, which means that pollen, mold, dust mites, pets or other allergens trigger their asthma symptoms.

The primary difference between an allergic reaction and an asthma attack is simply the location of the reaction: those who are allergic have the reaction in the nose, resulting in a runny nose and sneezing, while asthmatics will be affected in the lungs and airways, causing coughing and shortness of breath. Scientists believe that a combination of environmental triggers and genetics ultimately determines where a person’s reaction occurs.

Allergies Can Lead to Asthma

Research has also found that those who ignore their allergy symptoms – especially those that involve the nose and eyes – are more likely to develop asthma. Without treatment, allergies can worsen and trigger asthma symptoms and other health problems that are more difficult to control.

If you have allergic asthma and notice that your symptoms worsen at certain times of the year, you may need to take the same measures as seasonal allergy sufferers to cut down on exposure to allergens. Many asthma sufferers benefit from monitoring the local pollen count so they know when to avoid the outdoors. If your asthma symptoms don’t improve with preventive measures, your healthcare provider may prescribe medication or allergy shots to better manage symptoms.

Take Charge of Symptoms at RediClinic

RediClinic can help you plan a treatment to get your allergy and asthma symptoms under control. Our board-certified clinicians can also help you learn the signs that your condition may be flaring up, and what to do when symptoms become severe. By learning to recognize and avoid the substances that you are allergic to, you can enjoy a fuller and happier life.

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