How to Make 2017 the Year You Quit Smoking


A broken cigarette on a calendar background quit smoking now
A broken cigarette on a calendar background quit smoking now

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For Diabetic Smokers, Risk of Early Death is Double

Countless studies have been done on patients who have been through the process of quitting, and the results have shown health improvements beginning on the first day. Recently, researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine confirmed that quitting is particularly crucial for smokers who have diabetes.

After evaluating data on more than 53,000 Americans who were either current or former heavy smokers, they found the risk of early death was dramatically higher – about 50% – if the smoker also had diabetes. Here’s more about findings from the study.

  • If a smoker had diabetes, the risk of an early death was approximately double that of a smoker without diabetes.
  • Nearly 13% of diabetic smokers died during the study period of seven years, compared to less than 7% of smokers who were not diabetic.
  • For female smokers with diabetes, the risk of dying from lung cancer was exceptionally high. Compared to female smokers who did not have the disease, those with diabetes had an 80% higher risk of death from lung cancer. The same trend was not seen among males.

Overall, the study indicated that complications of diabetes – such as cardiovascular disease, kidney and nerve damage, eye problems and more – are more likely to occur if you smoke. RediClinic provides comprehensive diabetes testing for individuals with a family history of the disease, or for anyone who has a concern.

Get Smoking Cessation Support at RediClinic

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