Learn How RediClinic is Committed to Helping You Succeed in Smoking Cessation Program

RediClinic knows the harmful effects of smoking, smokeless tobacco use and vaping. Although smoking has declined substantially since 2005, more than 16 million Americans still have a smoking-related disease.1 The rising popularity of vaping may also be reversing smoking cessation efforts across the country, particularly in youth.

Health Effects of Smoking and Vaping

Smoking, smokeless tobacco use and vaping can contribute to serious negative health effects, particularly among people living with diabetes. Smoking can, not only, increase your risk for diabetes, it can also raise the risk of heart disease and eye disease in patients with Type 2 diabetes. E-cigarettes also contain many of the same chemicals found in conventional cigarette smoke that can also increase comorbid disease risk in diabetes, particularly cardiovascular issues. Vaping may also damage blood vessels, similar to the way cigarettes do.

The Great American Smokeout®

On November 21, thousands of people across the country will participate in the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout. People who smoke make a pledge to begin their smoke-free journey on this day, with tools and support systems offered by community organizations, friends and family. Participating in this event may be a great start, but it’s important to seek out community and professional resources for smoking cessation guidelines.

RediClinic’s Stop Smoking for Good® Program

Quitting smoking without support or professional resources can be hard, even on a national day dedicated to smoking cessation. That’s where our clinician team at RediClinic comes in. Direct one-on-one support and behavioral counseling with a board-certified RediClinic clinician can help you create a doable and actionable plan for quitting smoking, while providing support and tools on an ongoing basis to ensure your success. RediClinic offers a certified smoking cessation plan – Stop Smoking for Good Program – designed specifically for your individual needs. The program, offered at our medical clinics, consists of the following:

  • Physical examination that will identify health issues associated with smoking
  • Health risk assessment with specific, tailored recommendations
  • Designing an action plan for your lifestyle and identifying medications that will work for you on your journey
  • Educational materials and support that will help you to understand the importance of smoking cessation

Learn more about RediClinic’s Stop Smoking for Good program. Make a plan to quit today – Same day appointments are welcome at your local RediClinic.



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