How Long It Takes for the Flu Shot to Become Effective

child flu shot

Americans will soon start to don long sleeves and warm coats, which is a good reminder that it’s time to get immunized against the flu. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), everyone six months of age and older should get a flu vaccine every season. This preventive step is especially important for those at risk of serious complications from the flu, including children age 5 and younger, adults age 65 and older, pregnant women and those with chronic health conditions. The good news is local flu shots are available now at your nearest RediClinic location.

Protection Doesn’t Happen Immediately

How long until the flu vaccine is effective can vary from person to person, but generally it takes two weeks after vaccination for the body to develop antibodies that provide protection against flu viruses. This is why it’s important to not delay immunization. According to the CDC, the best time for a flu shot is early in the fall, before the flu season really heats up.

Why Flu Is Worse in Winter

Have you ever wondered why flu outbreaks happen in winter? A study published in 2007 found that dry conditions and cold temperatures favor the spread of the flu virus. While cold viruses are spread primarily by touching infected surfaces or direct contact with sick people, flu viruses spread through the air. Flu viruses released by a cough or sneeze can remain in the air longer when the air is cold and dry, making winter the prime time for flu to spread.

Get Immunized Today – RediClinic Is Open Seven Days a Week

An annual flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and those you love from the flu. If you’re wondering, “Where can I get a flu shot now?”, RediClinic has seasonal flu shots available. RediClinic welcomes patients 18 months and older. Make an online appointment to get vaccinated today!