Make Sure Your Fall Plans Include a Flu Shot

School is in full swing, which means that along with new teachers, classmates and friends, your child will be exposed to countless viruses and germs. This is why immunizations shouldn’t be the only health precaution at back-to-school time. With flu season already here – October traditionally marks the beginning of flu season in the United States – now is the time to get your child vaccinated against the flu. And the good news is your child can be vaccinated at RediClinic at the same time that he or she receives state-required immunizations.

Why the Flu is a Threat to Children

boy-getting-vaccineBecause their immune systems are not fully developed, children are at greater risk of contracting the flu than most adults and may also be more likely to develop complications from the disease. In fact, 20,000 American children age five and under are hospitalized for flu-related complications each year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that every individual age six months and older be immunized against the seasonal flu. Many children ages six months to eight years will require two doses of seasonal flu vaccine. This includes children who are getting immunized against the flu for the first time. Your RediClinic clinician can help you determine how many doses your child should receive, and when.

Here are additional guidelines for children regarding the flu vaccine.

  • All children age six months and older should receive the flu vaccine as soon as it becomes available, ideally before October.
  • Early immunization ensures your child has time to become fully protected before the virus begins circulating within your community.
  • If recommended, a second dose should be given a minimum of four weeks (28 days) after the first dose. The first immunization may not result in the production of enough antibodies, therefore the second dose provides greater immune protection.

Get Vaccinated at RediClinic

RediClinic has received supplies of the 2015-16 flu vaccine, available as the nasal spray FluMist® or the flu shot, at select H-E-B grocery stores and Rite Aid Pharmacies throughout the United States. Our board-certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants can administer the vaccine to individuals ages 18 months and older.

Walk into a RediClinic flu shot clinic near you today, with no appointment needed!