Malaria Prevention Is Essential When Traveling to the Tropics

malaria preventionIf your summer plans include travel to a country where malaria is a concern, make RediClinic the first stop on your journey. We offer expert advice to reduce your risk for contracting this serious mosquito-borne disease. The risk of acquiring malaria varies from region to region and even person to person. We can help you assess your risk and provide – including prescription drugs that prevent malaria – if needed.

What is Malaria?

According to the World Health Organization, in 2015, there were 212 million new cases of malaria worldwide and an estimated 429,000 malaria deaths. Those most vulnerable to the disease include infants and children under five years of age and travelers from areas without malaria.

How Malaria Prevention Works

Malaria prevention, also known as malaria prophylaxis, usually involves taking regular doses of a prescription medication that kills the malaria parasite once it enters the blood. The type of medication and regimen depends on who is taking the medication and the travel destination. Most medications need to be started a few days before traveling to an area where malaria transmission occurs.

Get Travel Care at RediClinic

RediClinic is a full-service travel clinic. Your RediClinic clinician can provide you with the appropriate antimalarial drug, and advise you on additional personal protective measures that will keep you healthy during your travels. Our Travel Healthy Package also includes an immunization review, a report containing travel tips and destination-specific information, and a Don’t leave home without a visit to RediClinic!

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