RediClinic Clinician Featured in Contemporary Clinic Magazine


RediClinic walk-in clinics provide high-quality, affordable and convenient healthcare to patients thanks to the continual efforts of skilled clinicians. We are pleased to highlight the recent recognition of one of our expert medical professionals.

The October 2016 issue of Contemporary Clinic magazine featured Sonia Rupani, MS, PA-C, as its Practitioner of the Month. Sonia is a clinician at RediClinic in Sugar Land, Texas. She was nominated for the recognition by her Practice Manager, Clinical Coordinator and the Director of Clinical Services. Here’s what the nomination said:

“Sonia has been with the company for four years. She is an outstanding clinician who provides high-quality care to her patients. Her patients absolutely love her. She is also very astute at catching abnormalities that need to be referred onto a higher level of care. Recently, she referred a patient to the ER who wound up being diagnosed with temporal arteritis. Sonia, keep up the great job by being a trailblazer in the retail industry!”

Quality Healthcare Begins with Listening

Sonia strongly believes that quality healthcare begins with listening. “It is important we listen to our patients to understand their concerns, as this act will guide us in getting a better understanding of their condition and allow us to provide them the appropriate quality care they deserve,” she explains.

She also acknowledges the need for medical professionals to make a greater effort to discuss prevention with their patients. “Obesity is a growing concern in all age groups,” says Sonia. “We need to capitalize our time in educating patients and parents about therapeutic lifestyle changes to avoid the complications such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and much more.”

Clinicians like Sonia are the reason RediClinic has been recognized as a national and regional leader in quality convenient care. Congratulations, Sonia!

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