RediClinic is a Convenient Solution to Completing Camp Physicals

It’s more common than not for a camp physical to be required for the range of camps your child might attend–from summer camps, to scouting excursions to sporting camps. Though it might seem inconvenient to go through this step for your child to attend a camp, there are several benefits associated with having a head-to-toe physical completed.

What’s the purpose of a camp physical?

A physical is a proactive measure to ensure your child is healthy enough to pursue the activities camp entails, and is a preventative measure to avoid injury, illness and even death. A physical can support identifying health concerns that might not otherwise be apparent, and can provide guidance as to the activities your child is or is not healthy enough to pursue. In addition, a physical helps keep all the camp attendees and staff safer by ensuring everyone attending is healthy enough to interact with others.

What’s the procedure to schedule a camp physical?

Walk-in clinics like RediClinic are a great option when selecting a medical center in San Antonio for your camp physical. No appointment is necessary, and they’re open 7 days a week with extended weekday hours, which means flexibility to meet a variety of lifestyles. You can simply walk-in, share what you’re there for, and wait to be seen. When compared to other types of medical centers in San Antonio, a walk-in clinic generally has shorter wait times than emergency rooms and doctors’ offices.

What will my child experience during the physical?

A RediClinic certified clinician will ask some questions to gather your child’s medical history and then conduct a thorough exam to meet the physical requirements. Blood pressure will be taken, and your child’s vision, neck and chest, lymph nodes, heart and abdomen, eyes, nose, throat, ears, skin, muscles, spine and joints will all be examined. You’ll walk away with your questions answered, in addition to knowing that your child is healthy enough to partake in camp activities. Visit for a convenient location near you.