RediClinic Provides Quick Response to Sunburns, Insect Bites and Stings

The last thing any parent wants is their child being uncomfortable due to a rash, sunburn, insect bite, bee sting, or any of the other unfortunate events that can happen when partaking in outdoor activities. The goal is to make outdoor activities as fun and enjoyable as possible for your children, and having any of these mishaps can quickly turn activities from “fun” to a “not-so-fun” status.

Prevention and being proactive are key.

To support your child in staying healthy and having fun outdoors, be sure to layer them with a high SPF sunscreen, as well as bug repellent to prevent bites and stings. Have a sting kit handy just in case bee or insect stings happen, and have any reactionary measures–as recommended by your physician–readily available if you already know your child has a high sensitivity to the sun or insect stings.

Mishaps do happen, and a quick response is important.

Though we can do all we can to prevent these mishaps from happening, they do occur from time to time. Getting care from a medical clinic as soon as possible can help alleviate a “worse case scenario” from happening. A clinic like RediClinic is open 7 days a week with extended weekday hours. In addition, the wait time is generally shorter than if you were to go to an emergency room or doctor’s office, which means your child can get treated as quickly as possible. Make a same- or next-day appointment at today.