Are Steroid Shots the Cure for Seasonal Allergies?

It’s certainly understandable that those who suffer from seasonal allergies want to find an end-all cure for the unpleasant symptoms that accompany their allergic reaction. Someone who is allergic to the fine, airborne pollen of trees and plants can go for weeks and months suffering from cold-like symptoms such as red, watery eyes, runny nose, sore throat and congestion.

There are so many treatments for the symptoms of seasonal allergies, ranging from over-the-counter sprays and syrups to prescription sprays, pills and shots. The question is, which treatment is best for you?

There Is No Cure – But There Are Effective Treatments

It’s important to understand that there is no such thing as a “cure” for allergies. Allergy symptoms are caused by your immune system’s reaction to allergens you breathe into your body; these symptoms may be managed with proper care, but the allergic reaction itself will not go away.

However, there are three types of treatments that can be used in combination to fight seasonal allergies:

  • Avoidance. While pollen is present virtually everywhere you go, you can minimize exposure by staying indoors during peak pollen counts and running the air conditioner in your home and vehicle to filter out pollen particles. Learn about other ways to avoid pollen.
  • Medication. Decongestants and antihistamines may significantly reduce your seasonal allergy symptoms. These include prescription allergy medications and over-the-counter antihistamines, nasal sprays and eye drops. Some medications may have side effects, so discuss these treatments with your clinician.
  • Allergy shots. If your symptoms do not respond well to medications, a steroid shot may provide immediate allergy relief. However, allergy steroid shots also have a number of side effects. For some individuals, they may become less effective over time. Long-term use of steroid shots in high doses can lead to more serious side effects.

Get Help for Seasonal Allergies at RediClinic

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