HIIT: A New Way to Get Fit in No Time

Woman Looking Away While Performing Push-Ups On Exercise MatRecently, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has saturated the fitness industry. If done on a consistent basis, HIIT produces almost immediate results. It’s a great way to drop extra pounds and get in shape in no time, and with no equipment necessary. HIIT helps those who are trying to limit caloric intake, preserve muscle and ensure weight loss from fat stores. According to recent studies, it has shown to stimulate production of human growth hormone by 450 percent during the 24 hours after you finish your workout.

The Challenge and the Rewards

This type of training combines short bursts of intense activity, called intervals, with short periods of lower intensity activities or rest, making it the most efficient and effective workout. Switching from one level of intensity to the other makes your body work harder and burn more calories than working at a steady, moderate pace. Don’t be fooled though; this type of workout is challenging but the benefits far outweigh the challenge.

The next time you go to grab a magazine and flip through it for 45 minutes while on a recumbent bike, try this 30-minute workout instead:

Begin with a five-minute warm-up of brisk walking and stretching. If you are new to exercise, start with the Beginner ratio and work your way up to Advanced where no rest time is needed between exercises. Allow yourself a few weeks to be able complete the Advanced ratio effectively. Perform each exercise for the suggested work/rest ratio of each exercise, then rest for one minute before repeating all the exercises again. Be sure to cool down and stretch for five minutes after you finish the workout or complete 2-3 rounds.

Exercise Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Quick Feet 30 sec/30 sec 45 sec/15 sec  60 sec/0 sec
Power Punching 30 sec/30 sec 45 sec/15 sec  60 sec/0 sec
Push Up 30 sec/30 sec 45 sec/15 sec  60 sec/0 sec
Squat/Squat Jump 30 sec/30 sec 45 sec/15 sec  60 sec/0 sec
Burpees 30 sec/30 sec 45 sec/15 sec  60 sec/0 sec
Jumping Jack 30 sec/30 sec 45 sec/15 sec  60 sec/0 sec
Mountain Climbers 30 sec/30 sec 45 sec/15 sec  60 sec/0 sec


The benefits of exercise are endless and it’s something you can do and always feel rewarded!

Move Toward Better Health

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