Web Golinkin and RediClinic are changing the face of health care, by Aaron Seaman | NSIDE Medical

A Visionary Approach Written by: Aaron Seaman Issue: July 2013 | NSIDE Medical

Web Golinkin, CEO of RediClinic
Web Golinkin, CEO of RediClinic
Photography: Robin Jerstad

Web Golinkin and RediClinic are changing the face of health care

RediClinic, a shining example of what has come to be known as “convenient care,” is the brainchild of Web Golinkin. Golinkin serves as president and CEO of RediClinic, which is headquartered in Houston. For those of you who haven’t heard of RediClinic or Golinkin himself, that is probably about to change.

A veteran of the media entertainment industry, Golinkin noticed early in his career that there was significant consumer interest in easier health care access, but also a definite lack of availability.

Golinkin understood the complexities of health care from his creation and syndication of health care programming, which predominantly appeared on cable television in the late ‘80s. After selling his program, he noticed that the void for consumers had increased and set out to create the first cable television health network, America’s Health Network.

Golinkin, a visionary and successful entrepreneur, sold America’s Health Network to FOX in 1999. With the purchase of his network, he knew communication about health care was improving, but noticed that there was still a lack of easy access to routine care… Read more.


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