What’s the Difference Between a Sports Physical and a School Physical?


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What to Expect at a Sports Physical

Sports physicals are specific to a sport and are focused on injury prevention. A RediClinic sports physical consists of two parts: a health history and a physical examination. Using information gathered from the exam and the patient’s health history, a clinician may be able to detect heart-related issues and uncover risk factors that could trigger an illness during strenuous physical activity. He or she can also provide training tips and other valuable information to reduce the risk of injury.

Most sports programs require a sports physical exam prior to participation, so schedule your sports physical well in advance of the first practice. Remember, a sports physical is not a substitute for an annual back-to-school physical. The school physical addresses additional factors outside of a child’s eligibility for sports participation.

What to Expect at a Back-to-School Physical

School physicals are an important aspect of a child’s healthcare. Throughout childhood and adolescence, children undergo dramatic changes in height, weight and many other physical characteristics. A school physical is an opportunity for both a clinician and parents to make sure a child is on the right track of healthy, age-appropriate development. The start of a new school year is an ideal time to complete this assessment. However, a back-to-school physical should not replace a routine, annual check-up with a pediatrician.

During your visit, your clinician will assess your child’s health and family history; perform an evaluation of height, weight, blood pressure, vision, heart and other crucial systems; and verify that all mandatory vaccinations required for school attendance are current.

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