When Looking for Healthcare Providers, New Options Exist

Understanding which is Right for You and Your Family can Save Time and Money

When searching for convenient, high-quality, and affordable health-care for you and your family, it can often seem like your choices are limited. Finding a physician and securing an appointment that works with your schedule can be a challenge. Hospitals and urgent care facilities provide necessary emergency care when you need it most, but can be very costly in both time and money. So what’s a busy person to do? When you need quick basic care for routine physicals, vaccinations and minor illnesses, such as flu or strep throat, one option to consider is convenient care clinics. An example is RediClinic, which provides affordable and accessible care to patients who otherwise would have to wait for appointments with traditional primary care physicians/providers, or potentially pay for the convenience of an emergency room for non-emergent matters.

Walk-In to RediClinic, no appointment, open 7 days a weekRediClinic focuses on 25 to 30 common minor illnesses as well as preventive care, and recently the addition of a weight management program. They are open seven days a week, have extended weekday hours, accept most insurance plans (now including TRICARE Standard), don’t require appointments and generally keep visits to 15 or 20 minutes.

Along with quality care, convenience is the key objective of RediClinic, so patients can expect:

• Lower co-pays/costs
• Shorter waiting time and quick visits
• Easy access to an in-store pharmacy

In contrast, urgent care centers primarily treat patients who have injuries or illnesses that require immediate care, but may not be serious enough to visit a hospital emergency department. For example, you might be able to get stitches or be treated for a bone fracture at an urgent care center, but regular check-ups and treatments for common ailments such as colds and flu, stomach aches, rashes and skin irritation, and minor lacerations care can be taken care of at more convenient facilities, such as the RediClinic in H-E-B grocery stores.

For people unable to see a primary care physician for whatever reason, convenient care clinics often provide an expedient, cost-effective alternative to urgent care facilities and emergency rooms – allowing patients to receive quality care in familiar and pleasant environments, and at affordable prices. RediClinics are staffed by specialty-trained clinicians who provide quality care for you and your family with no appointments necessary.


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