Importance of Sports Physical and When to Get It

What’s Included in a Sports Physical

Most states and school districts require students who participate in extracurricular activities to have a comprehensive physical assessment prior to participation. Because cheerleading, drill team, danceline, marching band, twirling and similar extracurricular activities are as physically demanding as the activities of other sports teams, members of these groups similarly benefit from a school sports physical.

Sports physicals consist of a two-part exam that begins with your child’s health history. Your clinician will want to know about any history of illness, injury or chronic conditions such as asthma to ensure they are being properly managed. You will be asked about any hospitalizations your child may have had, and whether he or she is current on mandatory vaccinations.

Next, a complete physical exam will evaluate your child’s height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, reflexes, joints, spine and so on, looking for anything unusual. The clinician will also test your child’s vision and hearing, and may offer training tips to decrease the risk of injury through proper pre-participation conditioning. Once the physical is complete, your clinician will complete and stamp the necessary paperwork required by the school for participation.

When to Get a Sports Physical

RediClinic recommends that a school sports physical be completed at least six weeks prior to the start of the season, although your school’s requirement may vary by sport. Arranging a sports physical well in advance gives you, your child and your clinician time to address any problems and work on treatments before the season begins. If your child is diagnosed with a significant illness or has a major surgery, he or she should have another sports physical prior to further participation in extracurricular activities.

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