Do Cold Showers Increase Testosterone? Research – Based Information To Prove It!

In the 21st century, deficiency in testosterone levels is extremely prevalent. The credit for this insufficiency can be given to an unhealthy lifestyle and dietary choices. Most research on temperatures and testosterone focuses on the testicles and scrotum. The ability of the testicles to operate can be harmed by prolonged heat exposure.

The idea behind a cold shower is that it lowers the scrotal temperature, allowing the testicles to produce maximum amounts of sperm and testosterone. However, according to scientific studies, the testicles require cooler settings to maintain healthy function compared to the rest of the body.

Male fertility rates may increase, and testosterone levels may rise due to taking cold showers.

The Connection Between Cold Shower and Testosterone


The Connection Between Cold Shower and Testosterone

Men often have better-quality sperm throughout the winter since low temperatures have been demonstrated to boost sperm quality and volume. Therefore, taking cold showers can help overcome some fertility issues linked with lower testosterone levels.

According to one research, limiting exposure to warm water increased sperm counts by 500%. In addition, it has been observed that cold showers boost energy levels, and low energy is a major symptom of low testosterone levels.

study in 2013 stated that cold winter temperatures helped improve sperm morphology and movement.

Another study in 1987, found that maintaining an optimum temperature between 31 to 37 degrees Celsius allowed optimal RNA, DNA, and protein synthesis. This results in better sperm production.

Although the findings are a little hazy, some claim that cold showers increase metabolism. And while certain research indicates that taking a cold shower after working out might help recovery, many others found no effect.

The Benefits of Cold Showers


Some Other Benefits of Taking A Cold Shower

It is now known that both testosterone and sperm production are positively affected by taking a cold shower. But the list of benefits from a cold shower does not end here. Some of the other benefits of taking a cold shower are listed below:

  • Increased Energy

Evidence shows that taking a cold shower can increase your energy levels.

According to a study conducted on people, participants were found to be more energized after following a month-long schedule of hot-to-cold showers. This was followed by two additional months of cold showers.

Additionally, participants claimed it had an impact akin to that of coffee.

  • Increased Fertility

According to a study on fertility, it was observed that reduced exposure to warm water increased numerous participants’ sperm count by an average of 500 percent.

However, this does not directly signify that taking cold showers will increase fertility. Although heat generally impacts sperm production, taking fewer hot showers increases sperm count and quality.

There is no evidence that hot water reduction or exposure to cold water shows a similar fertility effect on women as men.

  • Faster Metabolism

It is believed that cold temperatures activate good fat in the body. Also, when good fat gets activated, it keeps the body warm from the inside by burning excess calories. This in turn gives more energy, fastens the metabolism, and helps control blood sugar levels.

Moreover, it is believed that our body gives a heightened reaction to a cold shower by burning calories in an attempt to keep the body warm.

  • Endorphin production

It has been observed that taking cold showers improves mental health and strengthens the immune system. It also encourages the creation of beta-endorphins and noradrenaline.

When we go for a cold shower, signals to the brains are sent by the nerve endings that trigger chemicals producing an antidepressant effect.

  • Post-workout recovery

A cold-water shower can help you recover from the workout faster, but the results might not be significant. On the other hand, a cold-water immersion after a heavy workout session might help reduce pain and tenderness of the muscles.

Also, one can quickly return to athletic activities after cold-water immersion.

  • Better circulation

It is observed that when we take a cold shower, the hitting of the cold water on the skin causes the constriction of the blood circulation on the surface.

Due to this constriction, the blood circulation in the deeper tissues fastens to maintain an ideal temperature inside the body.

  • Immunity

According to some research, cold water exposure to the body might have small but unclear effects on the immune system. It has been observed that people taking cold showers tend to fall less sick compared to their counterparts.

One of the researchers states that cold water immersion allows the body to release adrenaline, which helps the body resist illness. It also aids the production of anti-inflammatory substances like white blood cells.

  • Decreased stress

A combination of a cold shower and a healthy diet can help in stress reduction to a great extent. In addition, it is observed that a cold shower reduces uric acid levels and boosts glutathione levels in the blood.

This helps in reducing stress and remaining happy and healthy. Taking a five-minute cold shower two or three times a week increased endorphin levels, which alleviated depression, tension, and anxiety symptoms.

  • Healthier hair and skin

Hot water is believed to withdraw moisture from the skin and hair, making it itchy and irritating. On the other hand, cold water retains the hair and skin moisture and prevents them from drying out. This makes the skin and hair look healthier and shinier.

Disadvantages of Taking A Hot Shower

Many physicians might advise you not to take hot showers since it harms your health. It is also believed that people with high blood pressure might get harmed after taking a hot shower.

Additionally, hot showers can potentially damage your hair and scalp. Hot water showers strip the hair and skin of natural oils, leaving them dry and damaging hair quality. Also, hot showers adversely affect the skin by causing itchiness and irritation with conditions like eczema.

In general, you should take one shower every day. Also, try to finish your shower in five minutes or less and refrain from taking longer baths. Use natural and skin-friendly products instead of highly chemical ones, as they will not harm your skin’s natural equilibrium.

Some tips on Cold Showers

How to Take A Cold Shower

How to Take A Cold Shower

Taking a cold shower might seem to be unpleasant and shocking for some. To make the most of your cold shower without any distress, one must consider the following:

  • Keep it slow

The water doesn’t have to be ice-cold right away. Your body can adjust by gradually lowering the temperature with each shower. Starting with warm water, you may go to lukewarm, chilly, and then a cold shower.

  • One part of the body at a time

You can start with a splash of water on your face and then move on to your arms and legs. This will eventually help your body to get used to the changed temperature. Taking a cold shower does not necessarily mean going all in at the same time with cold water.

  • Keeping a towel ready

If you are taking a cold shower for the first time, you must keep a warm area or a towel ready. Once you are done with the shower, this warm zone will offer comfort and warmth.

  • Be Consistent

It would be best if you took them consistently to get the most benefits from the cold shower. When you shower at the same time every day, you are preparing your body to adjust and respond to the cold exposure positively.

Precautions To Be Taken for Cold Showers

Taking a cold shower might seem easy, but not everyone can jump right into cold showers. People with the following conditions should avoid taking a cold shower:

  • High blood pressure
  • Overheated or suffering from fever
  • Immune system disorder
  • Heart diseases
  • Recent recovery from cold or cough
  • Feeling over-exhausted or stressed

Raise your Testosterone Levels Naturally

One cannot entirely depend on taking cold showers to increase testosterone levels. Some of the other ways to naturally increase testosterone levels are:

  • Loss of weight
  • Reduce stress
  • More sleep
  • Taking sufficient vitamins
  • Intake of herbal compounds

The Bottomline



Cold showers provide several advantages for your physical and mental health that might change your life. Cold water bathing has a long history, dating back to the meathead Spartans who thought it would calm the body and current Scandinavians who like to swim in ice holes. As a method of spiritual purification, cold water has also been employed in various religious rites.

Cold showers increase circulation, fight depression, and speed up wound healing. In addition, they strengthen your willpower, strengthen your immune system, and revitalize your body.

Most notably, taking cold baths and showers helps the body produce more testosterone, which elevates sperm quality, motility, and volume.

The advantages of cold showers are numerous. Yet, a comprehensive approach to physical, mental, and emotional wellness will benefit your total well-being, including Testosterone levels.

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