Do Testosterone Boosters help to Increase libido?

Low libido is a very common problem that one in five men suffer from at some point in their life. Though it is very common for people above a certain age, sometimes a long-term loss in libido might cause worry. 

There might be several underlying causes, from low testosterone levels, sleep deprivation, and substance use to depression and stress. Low libido hurts men both physically and emotionally. And generally, it is found that a lowering rate of testosterone is the main cause of low libido.

Therefore, this article will examine whether taking testosterone boosters or otc ed supplements can help increase libido and what other factors may also be associated with it.

The impact of testosterone boosters to increase libido


What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is one of the sex hormones available in males and females but is produced more in males. It is responsible for-

● Production of sperms

● Increase in body and facial hair

● Maturity in Sexual organs

● Deeper Voice

● Bigger Muscle

Testosterone level varies throughout the day, and it usually declines every year after 30 from 1-2%, which can result in less interest in sex, a softer erection, and a soft muscle tone. 

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone can be caused by various reasons, from injury to other medical conditions and natural aging. Let us look at its symptoms-

● Low libido

● Erectile Dysfunction

● Fatigue 

● Decrease in hair

● Low muscle and bone mass

natural ingredients in testosterone boosters to increase libido


How Can Testosterone Boosters Increase your Libido?

Testosterone boosters can help increase your libido by increasing the testosterone level in your body. Testosterone boosters do this with the help of various ingredients present in them that help boost testosterone production in the body.

These over-the-counter testosterone boosters are available without any prescription from healthcare professionals. Let us take a look at the common ingredients present in these testosterone supplements-

● Vitamin B6

● Zinc

● Fenugreek

● Magnesium

● Tribulus Terrestris

● Boron

● Diindolylmethane (DIM)

These ingredients are safe to use in regular quantities. But if one is concerned about consuming them, they can consult their doctor before consumption. 

In addition, one should take the precaution of consuming the recommended dosage given on the product. It is also important to know that the FDA Food and Drug Association does not regulate supplements like medications.

However, testosterone boosters will only help if the cause of your low libido is related to low testosterone levels in your body. For example, if the causes of low libido are stress, depression, and substance abuse, it will not help because treatment of such causes is not a higher testosterone level. 

Though the increase in testosterone might help a little to tackle those causes, it will not address them directly. To tackle such causes, one will need to get the right help related to them. Lifestyle and certain medications might also be caused by low libido, and one should seek the advice of a medical professional to overcome it.

Advantages and disadvantages of testosterone boosters

Benefits And Side Effects

Do Testosterone Boosters Directly Increase your Libido?

Several studies have shown proper medications that doctors have prescribed to increase testosterone do increase testosterone. However, no proper study or research has been done on even popular testosterone boosters proving they increase testosterone.

The research was done where they evaluated fifty different testosterone boosters. 90% claimed to boost testosterone and, in turn, libido. However, only 24.8% had any data to support that claim. 

Interestingly, among all the testosterone boosters available in the market, almost 10.1% percent had ingredients that may negatively impact testosterone production in the body. 

Furthermore, 13% of these testosterone boosters contained excess amounts of the FDA’s recommended intake of minerals and vitamins, which means that an unsupervised consumption of these supplements may cause a risk to your health.

Problems of un-supervised consumption of Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters might necessarily help boost testosterone, but they can cause negative effects if not taken under expert supervision. Let us take a look back at those ingredients and what negative side effects they might cause-

● Vitamin B6 overdose may cause heartburn and nausea. Un-supervised intake might cause difficulty in controlling body movement.

● Overdose of zinc may cause stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

● Fenugreek may cause some people diarrhea and nausea depending on their ongoing medical conditions.

● Excessive amounts of magnesium can cause vomiting, nausea, muscle weakness, and low blood pressure as well.

● Tribulus Terrestris can cause stomach reflux and cramps if not taken as per prescribed doses.

● Too much Boron in our bloodstream may cause kidney problems, headaches, diarrhea, and vomiting.

● Diindolylmethane (DIM) can cause headaches and gas if not supervised properly.

These negative effects may or may not occur depending on the individual and the product quality being consumed. Taking a recommended dosage might help to avoid all of the above-mentioned problems.

Therefore, it is always recommended to ask your doctor about these products before you start consuming them.

Some Natural Methods to Increase Libido

● Regular Exercise

● Presence of healthy fats in your diet

● Restful and Enough Sleep

● Healthy Methods to Manage Stress and Anxiety

● Getting into a healthy body weight

There are natural methods through which the body can increase testosterone levels. One might try to increase their testosterone level through these methods and then resolve to another alternative. However, seeing a doctor is recommended when these natural methods fail to work. 

Other Causes of Low Libido

Yes, low testosterone causes low libido, and boosting testosterone will help increase libido, but this is not always the case. Other several other factors can contribute to low libido, which can be related to mental and emotional health, such as.

● Depression

● Stress

● Anxiety

● Conflict in Relationship

Other than these, physical causes can also lead to low libidos, such as chronic illness or consumption of certain medications like antidepressants, beta-blockers, and opioids. 

If your libido is not increasing even after raising your testosterone level, it is time to see a healthcare professional who will help you identify the issue. There can also be psychological issues at play that might need the help of therapy.

Final thoughts on testosterone boosters



Low testosterone levels can lead to a low libido though it is not the only cause. If low testosterone levels cause it, it can be boosted by testosterone boosters, increasing your libido. 

Testosterone boosters don’t contain actual testosterone but ingredients that help boost testosterone production in the body. Therefore, testosterone boosters may or may not work, depending on the product and the individual.

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