10 Easy Fitness Hacks That Can Easily Add In Our Daily Routine

Wouldn’t it be great if we could crack many of our life’s problems in a few simple steps? While most of our lives in the modern world can be complex and tiring and create issues that do not have easy solutions, there are several aspects of our life that we can control and manage.

If we place the proper amount of focus on our health and fitness, the quality of our life immediately improves. Remaining fit is significant if you wish to lead a healthy life. However, not all of us have easy access to gyms and trainers that can help us get in shape.

However, that shouldn’t stop us from keeping our bodies agile and fit. So here are a few fitness hacks that you can do easily.

Fitness Hacks That Can Easily Add In Our Daily Routine To maintain The Fitness:

● Move a part of your routine

To stay healthy, we need to keep our bodies moving. Many of us take out a certain amount of time from our days to work to keep our bodies healthy. It may include fitness videos, performing cardio, lifting weights, etc. It usually requires us to take some time from our days to perform these activities.

However, a more efficient way to incorporate movement into your routine is to do it continuously. Take a short break every 20 to 30 minutes and walk for a few minutes. When you have free time, please do not spend all of it in a sedentary lifestyle watching Netflix and TV, but keep yourself active.

When you take your pets out for a walk, take a long walk. Listen to some music—dance around while you’re cooking. Keep yourself mobile constantly.

●Make lifting a part of your day

Most of us associate lifting weights with bodybuilding and gym goers. However, you do not need specified weights if you wish to raise. Instead, you can very well use everyday home objects as weights.

For example, pick up a coffee table book and try to perform bridge lifts. A bottle of wine can serve for goblet squats. And a soup can work well for bicep curls. This way, you will not have to lift weights but be engaged in constant weight training.

●Get a workout friend

 We all know keeping our workout sessions regular can be a little overwhelming. We often get occupied with other stuff and forget to work out. Sometimes you may not even have the time, even if you remember. It leads us to lose often the motivation to work out. Find a friend or partner to work out with.

It can help you become more accountable, encourage and make the session fun. Trainers have noted that working with someone who’s more fit than you enables you to perform better. A virtual partner can serve the same purpose if you can’t find a real-life partner.

●Remove Distractions

Getting lost on phones is very easy in the age of detox and YouTube shots. You may have a routine that assigns a time for working out. However, distractions can often lead you astray and make you forgetful.

Distractions can come in other forms as well. You can feel tempted to clean a particular room or a pile of dishes. Check your phone or do the laundry. It is essential to remove all distractions before you work out.

It will help you channel your focus and energy into the workout. You can do stuff by putting your phone on silent, cleaning the area beforehand, and playing motivational music to drown out other noises.


One can never underestimate the effect meditation can have when it comes to motivation and focus. Meditation can be performed for as little as five minutes and as long as you wish. First, find a clean place to sit, gently close your eyes, and focus on breathing.

You will notice that you’re much more relaxed and calm within five minutes. It is an excellent technique for lowering stress levels. Several apps, such as headspace, can help you get in the groove.

If you do not wish to listen to external noises, turn off your phone, sit quietly, and try to focus on your breathing for a few minutes. Practice meditation every night before sleeping at any other time of the day that you wish to.

●Drink water

One cannot stress enough how essential water is to health, agility, and fitness. Make sure you consume at least half the amount of your body weight in ounces daily. Ensure you drink a large glass of water after 15 minutes of having a meal. Break your meals with water, even if it is just a snack. Consuming a lot of water also ensures you’re mindful of your portions.

●Visualise your exercises

Experts note that imagining yourself performing your exercises and powering through the last reps or sets can be a significant motivating factor for working out. It is because it prepares the body actually to perform the exercise.

Research suggests that visualisation can be an excellent practice to execute specific motor movements and help vastly enhance your performance and strengthen your motivation.

●Do away with the junk

It is common knowledge. We’ve all been told to avoid junk food. However, most of us can’t do away with it. To stay fit, you must reduce your consumption of junk and focus on veggies, fruits and foods that are dense in nutrients. Consuming a lot of unhealthy carbs and fats can worsen your health and harm your mood.

● Spend time Outdoors

 Not only is it essential for you to get adequate sunlight to get your Vitamin D, but stepping outside the house, even for a few minutes a day, can help improve your mental health significantly.

Sitting or walking amidst green trees and other natural atmospheres can increase your happiness, motivation and emotional stability. To stay physically fit, one must also be mentally fit and motivated.

● Avoid alcohol

Past research has suggested that drinking large amounts of alcohol can significantly affect your health. Foremost, it can disrupt your sleep cycles by inhibiting chemical interactions that take place solely during deep cycles of your sleep.

It would mean that while you may sleep for longer, you will not get quality sleep. On the other hand, if you sleep less for long periods, you end up drinking more.

It becomes a mutually reinforcing vicious cycle. Therefore you need to be more thoughtful about how much alcohol you consume.


If you follow these basic and simple hacks, your life will be much lighter and stress-free. You do not necessarily need to go to the gym and get on strict diets to be fit.

It is important to remember that fitness can be a way of living instead of an hour in our day. We can do little things throughout the day to help our bodies remain fit and agile.

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