Back-to-School Health Guide for Teenagers: Health Screening, Immunization and More

Teens have special healthcare needs that make a yearly check-up with a healthcare professional a wise precaution. Back-to-school physicals conducted prior to the start of each school year provide an ideal opportunity to track physical, mental and social development, and discuss healthy behaviors that can lead teens to positive health habits as adults. These behaviors include eating well, exercising, and avoiding smoking, drinking and unsafe sexual activity.

What’s Included in the Package

The more your child understands about his or her physical growth and sexual development, the more he or she will recognize the importance of taking charge of personal health. This is why RediClinic offers our exclusive Back-to-School Teen Health Package that covers the most important aspects of adolescent health. The Teen Health Package includes:

  • School & sports physical. A board-certified clinician will review your child’s health history, perform a complete physical exam, and complete all documentation required for participation in school sports and activities. Learn more about what’s included with walk-in sports physicals at RediClinic.
  • Acne consultation. Acne affects at least 85% of teens, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. During the teen years, acne can be as much an emotional issue as a physical one because it can negatively impact self-confidence and social interaction. Your clinician can assess the severity of acne and suggest treatments and products that are best for your child. Severe acne may be referred to a higher level of care.
  • Immunization review. It can be easy for parents to lose track of recommended pre-teen and teen immunizations. Our clinician will review your child’s immunization history, administer all necessary vaccines and provide proof of immunization for school records.

Now Through September 30, Save on the Teen Health Package

RediClinic is currently offering discounts on the Back-to-School Teen Health Package through September 30. Please be sure to bring any required forms related to school and sports physicals, including a completed health and immunization history. There is no appointment necessary, so walk into a RediClinic near you today!

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