Importance of A Sports Physical: A Vital Step Before Entering Any Sports Activities

Most participants in school sports are required to complete a pre-participation physical assessment, also called a school sports physical. RediClinic offers sports physicals at all walk-in clinic locations in Texas, Baltimore/Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Seattle.

Goals of a Sports Physical

Sports physicals consist of two evaluations: a review of your child’s health history and a complete physical exam. The goals of a sports physical are to determine whether your child is in good overall health; to assess present fitness level; to evaluate any existing injuries and identify conditions that might lead to new injuries; to monitor physical growth and maturation; to detect congenital disorders that could increase risk of injury; and to detect poor pre-participation conditioning that could increase risk of injury.

Sports physicals are also recommended for adults that are taking part in interleague sports programs, club sports or new fitness regimens.

When to Get a Sports Physical

Athletes should schedule a school sports physical at least six weeks prior to the start of the sport season, although your school’s requirement may vary depending on the sport. Scheduling a physical in advance allows your clinician time to address any health issues and provide training tips to reduce the likelihood of sports injuries. Once complete, your clinician will complete and stamp the necessary paperwork required for participation.

When your child needs a sports physical, RediClinic is a great alternative to a doctor’s office because no appointment is necessary for physicals or immunizations. Our staff of board-certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants is available seven days a week with extended weekday hours for your convenience.

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