How Much Weight Can One Lose In A Month?

With changing times, people are also changing their lifestyles. Technology has not only made people more intelligent and working more convenient, but on the flip side, it has made humans lazy and lethargic. Over the last two decades, the USA has observed a record increase in obesity cases. 

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Obesity is when a person gains unusual body weight within a specific period. It happens due to many factors. Some people are obese by genetics, while most people worldwide suffer from the problem due to leading a bad lifestyle. A lousy lifestyle includes:

● Leading a sedentary daily routine.

● Eating junk foods frequently.

● Not exercising regularly.

● Doing no physical activities.

However, after the pandemic, people have realized how important it is to care for their health and reduce body weight. There are multiple reasons why people wish to cut down on excess mass.

These primarily include doing good to one’s health, making one appear better, keeping the mood balanced, and enjoying the same fitness level as most slim people. 

But is it alright to focus on the number of calories burnt daily and check how much you have lost in a month? We will answer the question through this article. So, stick around.

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Mechanism Of weight Loss

Mechanism Of Weight Loss

Losing weight is no magic. It takes discipline and regular hard work to burn a few calories from your body. But have you ever wondered how your body loses weight after working out? Humans burn calories due to the conversion of food into energy, also known as metabolism. 

There is a term in physiology known as BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate, which is the metabolism your body undergoes when resting. Even when your body is resting, it requires energy to keep your heart beating, your lungs functional, and all other internal organs. The main factor governing BMR is muscle mass. It depends on the following:

Body size and composition : People with larger body structures and muscle mass tend to lose more calories even when resting.
Sex : Studies say men lose calories faster than women because they have more muscle mass and less fat than women.
Age : Older people have a more challenging time losing weight than relatively younger people.

Besides BMR, your body weight loss also depends on how your body uses the food consumed. Proper digestion and absorption also play a crucial role in losing weight because if the food particles break down faster, more calories will be lost, and the more nutrition your cells get, the more muscle mass and the faster the weight loss.

It also depends on the number of daily physical activities because the more heat your body generates, the more calories you lose. Thus, it is essential to keep the body’s thermogenesis efficient. 

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Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes To Take Into Account

To lose weight effectively and safely over time, you should stick to fundamental lifestyle changes, proper food habits, and regular exercise. We have briefly touched upon all the points in this section.

  • Proper Diet

A balanced diet is essential when trying to cut down on belly fat. First, you must abandon fast food products and embrace eating healthy. A typical American meal includes lots of water, different kinds of fish, loads of fruits and veggies, whole grains, and low-fat dairy foods. 

It would help if you remembered to snack often, i.e., always consume your breakfast, have a light meal between breakfast and lunch, and repeat the same thing between lunch and dinner. 

However, when selecting a diet, you should consult a dietician. Still, if you wish to do it manually, you should remember if the diet is sustainable for you if the diet is too restrictive, if you will love to munch on it, and if the diet provides you with the essential nutrition.

  • Exercise

To lose weight effectively, you have to stick to a regular exercise routine in a disciplined way. The time you exercise depends on how fast you wish to see the results. However, you should exercise at least thirty minutes daily for at least five days a week. 

Remember that the more exercise you do, the more your body produces heat and calories you burn. According to the Physical Activity guidelines prescribed for Americans, the recommendations are in two parts.

  • Do aerobic activity: Recommendations say you should do at least thirty minutes of physical or aerobic activity daily. You may consult a doctor or a dietician who may recommend what exercises you should do and how long every day to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Aerobic exercises generally include brisk walking, biking, jogging, swimming, and lawn mowing. However, you can also do vigorous aerobic exercises like running, sprinting, heavy yard work, and dancing.
  • Strength training: You can also do moderate strength training to train all your muscle groups. If you wish to do this type of training, it will be best for you to join a gym and appoint a trainer to guide you on what to do and prepare a proper exercise chart.

Strength training includes using weight machines, heavy bags, resistance training equipment, and challenging activities like hiking and rock climbing.

  • Will Only Dieting Do It?

While following a properly balanced diet is one of the core aspects of healthy weight loss, only having that won’t help you lose weight. It will make you skinny and not fit.

There are no positives of only dieting and not exercising because you may start losing weight but at the same time feel weak and lethargic because your muscles are not getting enough energy to pump the body. 

Thus, we recommend not to start dieting but choosing to eat healthily. You should avoid junk foods or have them once a month, but never make it a regular thing.

A meal that contains all the nutrients that your body requires, combined with proper exercise, will not only make you look shredded but also help your body with a constant flow of energy that pumps you up for a productive day.

Thus, if you don’t want to see the adverse effects of only dieting, you should join a proper weight loss program or appoint a trainer to lose weight properly.

How Much Weight Can One Expect To Lose In A Month?

You should know that losing weight rapidly is not a healthy and safe way of losing body weight. Weight loss programs are a scientific approach to helping overweight people lose weight over a fixed period.

You can’t say I wish to lose ten kilograms in a month because it is next to impossible. However, correct lifestyle changes and proper exercise may help you lose significant weight in a month.

Experts reveal that losing around half a kilo or up to two kilos a month is considered safe and healthy weight loss. Losing up to 2.5 kilos is also alright, but achieving this weight loss safely takes a lot of discipline and proper routine exercise. However, if you wish to lose weight, you will unnecessarily put pressure on your body. 

Studies say that losing more than five kilos a month leads to several adverse side effects, like feeling weak, nauseous, unproductive, and stressed. In addition, continuous and rapid weight loss starts reflecting on your face as you grow dark circles and the skin looks pale.

Thus, if you don’t want all these side effects, you should focus on the weight loss recommended by your trainer, dietician, or physician. 

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Can supplements helps in weight lose

Can Supplements Help Me Lose Weight?

Most supplements claiming they can help people lose weight are primarily fake in their promises. According to many studies, most dietary and herbal supplements give false promises to the customers and have ingredients inside which don’t have much clinical data regarding their benefits in weight loss.

Most supplements contain natural ingredients like Calcium and vitamin D, chitosan, cocoa, chromium, caffeine, green tea extract, guar gum, pyruvate, and many other substances. 

In addition, most of these supplements don’t have approval from the FDA. 

It becomes impossible for commoners to know how these products are being prepared and whether it is safe to consume them because there are no lab reports to show their safety standards.

Thus, we recommend avoiding supplements that make big claims and researching for supplements that help improve your general health, like probiotics. Remember, a healthy lifestyle and proper food habits will help you shed excess weight.

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Besides joining a gym and eating healthy, you should also focus on strengthening your mental health because it is your mental health that motivates you to work hard every day and stick to a routine.

Thus, you should do some form of yoga or meditate for some time. So, now you know how you can keep your body weight in check and how much of the same you can lose in a month. We have discussed it in detail, and you should know the side effects of not sticking to it. Do exercise regularly and live a healthy life!

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