How To Increase Appetite : Everything You Need To Know

All you need to know!


Are you afraid you are not eating well these days? Are you worried that it might affect your overall well-being and health? Well, you certainly are at the right place.

Not having an appetite after overindulging a day before is not a cause for concern. Likewise, having appetite changes in summer for a few days is not an issue too. However, losing an appetite for a long will not just cause weight loss but can result in malnutrition as well. 

People can lose their appetite for various reasons. Knowing the reason behind the same can be of some help; never force yourself to eat when you are not hungry. Instead, you can follow certain tips to get that appetite back or increase the appetite. 

All you need to know!

Tips To Increase Your Appetite

Tips to increase your appetite

Know the causes – If you have had a good appetite before, and now you don’t, you certainly need to know the cause. Some of the aspects that can affect your appetite are,

Stress, anxiety, & depression
Changes in lifestyle
Cold, fever, or flu
Taking antibiotics
Existing illness
Heart or Kidney related issues

These are just a few aspects that can affect your appetite. But, of course, if you are worried about the cause, you can always visit a physician and opt for a check-up.

Have smaller meals If you cannot have enough for lunch/dinner, try having a couple of smaller meals throughout the day. You can have 6 or 8 meals daily instead of the three large ones. By having less food from time to time, you can consume more. 

Maintain a schedule Human bodies love when we follow a routine. It does not just apply to sleep but to our meal time as well. So, make sure you eat the meals or the snacks at a scheduled time as much as possible.

For example, breakfast can be had at 8 am, and you can include a snack in the morning at around 11 am. Have your lunch at 1 pm, an afternoon snack at 3 pm, and finish your dinner by 6 or 7 pm. 

Have a healthy diet – Having meals at the scheduled time is important; however, make sure you include healthy foods in your everyday routine. A healthy diet does not include junk foods.

Make sure to add fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, etc. For example, ice cream can always be replaced with Greek yogurt, and a cake can be replaced with a fresh fruit loaf. 

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Include your favorite foods – You can have a well-balanced and healthy diet and still include the foods you love in them. If you do not have an appetite, try adding the foods you love and enjoy eating to your diet. Of course, you can always include the snack or a meal you enjoy either for lunch or that afternoon snack. 

Don’t shy away from experimenting – One of the reasons for losing appetite is having the same food most of the time. If you think that is the reason, try experimenting with new dishes or cuisines. Such small changes can sometimes boost your appetite in no time. 

Changes? Learn to embrace them – You might find some changes in the taste or smell of the foods or vegetables you like/dislike. For example, you might have disliked garlic before but love it now.

Cravings or tastes often change with time; it is always good to go with what your body tells you. If you dislike something now, don’t force yourself into eating it. 

Increase your calorie intake – Another good way to improve your appetite is by having calorie-rich meals. Of course, you can always use calorie-dense ingredients in your diet, including nuts, butter, olive oil, etc. 

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Some of the easiest ways to up the calories in the diet is to,

– cook food in butter, like for eggs, etc

– use whole milk for cooking oatmeal instead of just water

– use olive oil for the salads

– use peanut butter instead of low-calorie butter or other spreads

These are just a few tips; you can always experiment with more. This is one way to increase your calorie intake and stay active throughout the day. 

Let mealtime be social or entertaining – Some people dislike eating alone. And eating with friends or family can revive that appetite. You can always invite your family members or your close friends for meals.

On days when others are busy, you can always catch up on that favorite show or movie while enjoying the meal.

A few studies have shown that people eat 18% more when they eat with friends or family and about 14% more when watching TV. So, in simple terms, people tend to eat more when they are distracted. 

Always be prepared and plan – Another way to improve your appetite is to plan. This not just helps keep that junk or fast food at bay but helps to include healthy foods into your everyday diet. 

You can choose one day of the week to plan the meals for the week. Then, prepare a meal plan, complete your grocery shopping, and make all the preps needed. If you struggle with meal plans, you can use a meal planner or find some interesting meal plans online. 

Avoid drinking when eating – Do not drink water when eating your meal. Do not drink water, juice, or even soup for at least half an hour before eating.

Drinking water before meals is a trick to lose weight, which is not required for you. So, avoid having any liquids at least 30 minutes before your meal time and see your appetite change. 

Get some good rest – Not having proper, or enough sleep can also affect your appetite. If you are waking up tired every morning, or feeling weak, make sure to get good sleep at night. People who suffer from sleep-related disorders are often stressed and do not have a good appetite.

An average adult needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. If you wake up tired every day, you cannot cook healthy meals and will eat junk or fast food. 

Stay active – Exercise or workouts can do wonders for your appetite. As you burn energy while working out, your body craves more food. So with regular exercise, you can increase muscle mass, improve your metabolism and also improve your appetite. 

You can start by taking light walks before meals to check your hunger. If that works, you can always find a workout or an exercise you love and include it in your daily routine. Remember not to do complex workouts but stick to simple ones. Your goal is to increase your appetite, not to lose weight. 

More About How To Increase Appetite

Some Exercises And Healthy Snack Options

Some exercises you can give a try are,

Brisk walking
Tennis or Badminton
Strength or HIIT training
Hula hooping

Ditch those snacks – If you love to snack or junk food, it is time you replace them with some healthy alternatives. For example, you can fill bowls with healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, etc., and place them on your dining table or bedroom. Then, you can indulge in these when you feel hungry between meals.

Some healthy snack options include,

Plain Popcorn

Less fiber – When you have fiber-rich food, you feel full faster. This is ideal for those who want to lose weight and not increase their appetite. Though fiber-rich foods need to be a part of your healthy diet, they tend to slow digestion, making you feel less hungry.

So, make sure to eat foods that are low in fiber content. If you are unsure how to plan, you can always take help from a dietician or a nutritionist. 

Make your meals attractive – Do you know your appetite can increase by making our dishes attractive? Well, we know that the sense that is associated with our mealtime is taste. However, vision plays an important role too.

Therefore, if a dish is plated in a visually appealing way, you will try to eat it without thinking about how it tastes. 

You can spend a few extra minutes to make your meals look more attractive. You can find various tips and tutorials on the same online. 

Eat on a bigger plate – Try using a bigger plate when eating, and see the change happen. When you serve smaller portions on a huge plate, the brain is tricked into thinking that the food served is less.

This way, you tend to eat more. And remember that there are a couple of studies to back you this claim. 




You can bring that appetite back in various ways, and some of the best ones are listed for you. Make sure to include healthy foods and exercise in your everyday routine. Sleep well, avoid stress, and stick to the schedule to increase your appetite. 

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