Lemon Water Benefits : Are There Any?

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We all keep hearing about the various health benefits lemon water provides. It is not just rich in vitamin C but also loaded with antioxidants. Having lemon juice makes it easy to cut down on soft drinks or packed juice, and you can easily reduce the intake of unwanted sugars

The popular citrus fruit finds its place in every cuisine and home and is used all around the world. Lemon juice or zest can be added to salads or soups and can also be used to marinate meat or fish to avoid bacterial growth.

In addition, lemon juice is an excellent disinfectant and can be used instead of harmful chemical cleaners. 

Intake of lemon water provides various health benefits. With the assumption that you know what lemon water is and how it is made, we will learn about its benefits and why you should include it in your everyday routine in 2023.

Lemon Water – Nutritional Value

Before we learn about the benefits, it certainly helps to understand the nutritional value of regular lemon water. Lemon water not just has vitamin c, but has vitamin B6, calcium, pectin, fiber, sodium, iron, and magnesium. 

Calories – 10.6

Vitamin C – 18.6 milligrams

Folate – 9.6 micrograms

Potassium – 49.4 mg

Iron – 0.038 mg

Vitamin B1 – 0.01 mg

Vitamin B2 – 0.01 mg

Vitamin B5 – 0.06 mg

Various benefits of lemon water

Health Benefits of Lemon Water in 2023

Health Benefits of Lemon Water in 2023

Let us now learn about the various benefits of lemon water, and we will also look at the various ways you can add it to your diet. 

  • Excellent for hydration 

Lemon water is great for hydration, especially during summer or after a workout session. It gives an instant energy boost and can be replaced with sugar-filled energy drinks.

In addition, lemon water is a healthier alternative with calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium. These are the electrolytes that we lose when we sweat a lot. Therefore, one can easily prevent dehydration, like tiredness, headache, or nausea, by taking lemon water.  

  • Excellent source of Vitamin C

If you are looking for a natural vitamin C source, you must add citrus fruits to your diet, especially lemons. Lemon water can be had every day to improve vitamin c levels. In addition, lemon water has water-soluble vitamin c, which boosts immunity and works as an excellent antioxidant as well. 

Regular intake of lemon water will help keep infections at bay and improve collagen production. 

  • May aid in weight loss

Just browse online about weight loss tips; you will find plenty of leads discussing the relationship between lemon water and weight loss. But does it help with weight loss?

Taking lemon water every morning helps boost the body’s metabolism and, in turn, aids in weight and fat loss. The reason for the same can be attributed to the acidic nature of lemons. Taking lemon water makes it easy for the body to digest food and break down carbs and fats easily. 

  • The best alternative to soft drinks that are loaded with sugar

We already did mention this, but it is worth discussing again. Soft drinks or packaged drinks have high sugar and are not a good option when you want to hydrate or have that energy boost.

While sugary drinks end up spiking the sugar levels in the blood, lemon water provides the body with the lost electrolytes and keeps you hydrated.

Also, packaged drinks have chemicals and many preservatives, and lemon water is natural and does not have sugar or added colors. It’s also highly rich in minerals and vitamins and is good for your body. 

  • May prevent kidney stones

Lemon is a citric fruit, and the citrate present in citric acid is known to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Kidney stones are formed from calcium oxalate, which gets built up in the urine and eventually forms crystals and then turns into kidney stones. 

Lemon water is considered the best remedy to prevent kidney stones. And the citric acid present in lemon can easily break up very small kidney stones. 

  • May ease digestion

You can make lemon water using cold and warm water, each of which has its own benefits. For example, people suffering from digestion issues can use warm water when making lemon juice.

They can replace their tea or coffee in the morning with some warm lemon water, and you can witness some good results in a few days.

The citric acid in the lemon helps increase stomach acidity, which in turn helps with the easy digestion of carbs, protein, and fat. You can achieve good results when you get the concentration of the lemon water right.

If you add more lemon juice to water, you might suffer from acidity, nausea, or even heartburn.

The best method to make lemon water for digestion is to use the juice of half a lemon and add that to a glass of warm water. 

  • Helps reduce or prevent acne

Acne is one of the most common problems teens or young adults face. These occur due to hormonal changes in the body, or due to infections, or even when the pores of the skin are blocked. As a result, a few people have mild acne, whereas others suffer from a severe acne outbreak.

Those suffering from acne can include lemon water in their diet. As lemon water has vitamin c, it helps with healing and prevents the formation of scars as well. It also keeps the skin hydrated and improves the overall condition of the skin

  • May reduce inflammation

Lemon water has a high content of flavonoids and vitamin c. When these two compounds combine, an antioxidant activity takes place in the body, which in turn helps with healing and prevents cell damage. Due to this, lemon water can prevent as well as reduce inflammation in the body. 

  • Works as an excellent mouth freshener

The mouthwashes that are available over the counter have a lot of chemicals and artificial flavors added to them. These do more harm than good. You can always replace your regular mouthwash with lemon water. 

Lemon has a strong aroma and is also known for its antibacterial properties. Lemon water kills the germs in the mouth and keeps your breath fresh for a long. It also helps prevent halitosis when you use it as a gargle or mouthwash. 

  • Good for your heart

You might have never given thought to lemon being good for heart health. Well, freshly made lemon water has a good content of vitamin c and phytonutrients.

Both these compounds prevent the occurrence of oxidation and cell damage. Due to this, the body’s arteries are healthy, which in turn keeps the heart healthy. 

A few studies have shown that lemon water also helps lower blood cholesterol levels and also control high blood pressure. 

  • Good for eyes

Lemon water is good for your eye health. Lemon has lutein and zeaxanthin, which keeps your eye healthy and protects the eye from developing eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration.  

Now that we know about the various health benefits of lemon water in 2023 let’s also look at a few ways to prepare water for the best results. 

  1. Lemon Cucumber Water – This drink tastes yummy when you serve it cold and can be had during summer. Juice the lemon and then add the needed amount of water to it. Slice a cucumber and add it to a jug. Add the prepared lemon water to the jug, leave the concoction overnight, and have it the next day. 
  1. Lemon Water with Honey – If you want some instant energy boost, you can add a dash of honey to freshly prepared lemon water. When you add honey to lemon water, you enhance the taste as well as the antibacterial property of the drink. Of course, the amount of honey you need to add depends on how sweet you prefer your drink to be. 
  1. Lemon Water with Ginger and Turmeric – You can spice up regular lemon water by adding ginger and turmeric to it. This way, you are improving the goodness of lemon water and increasing its antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. This concoction can boost your metabolism and also aid with weight loss. 

The best preparation method is to add lemon slices, an inch of turmeric, and chopped or grated ginger to a jug. Add warm water to the jug and leave it for a few minutes to infuse flavors. You can have this every morning instead of tea or coffee. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have lemon water every day?
Yes, lemon water can be had every day, however, make sure you use the right proportions to make the same. 
When is the ideal time to have lemon water?
The best time to consume lemon water is during the morning and on empty stomach. However, you can witness excellent results when you take it before your breakfast.
Are there any side effects of lemon water?
Lemon water, when made right, does not cause any side effects. However, by adding more lemon juice to the water, you might observe some side effects like acidity, nausea, heartburn, etc. This is caused to the acidic nature of lemon. 
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Final Thoughts


Lemon water provides numerous benefits and contains flavonoids, essential minerals, and vitamins. So make sure to include lemon water in your everyday routine and enjoy its goodness.

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