Health Screenings at RediClinic

RediClinic offers comprehensive health screenings to help you check for diseases and maintain good health.
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Health Screenings We Offer

We have test packages to fit the needs of every patient. Our board-certified clinicians provide the following health screenings for individuals who are looking for an assessment of their overall health.
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Health screenings and/or related medical tests may not be covered under your insurance benefit plan. Please check with your insurance provider and inquire if a health screening is a covered benefit under your insurance coverage before visiting RediClinic. If your insurance does not cover these type of wellness screening services, you will be charged an $135 office visit fee, plus additional fees for certain tests – depending on the type of health screening visit you request. RediClinic performs many lab tests onsite; however, just as in a physician’s office, some tests must be sent to an outside lab for processing resulting in a subsequent charge from that lab.