Flu vaccine (Fluad) – $79

FLUAD is a next-generation flu shot for your generation. Flu protection for people aged 65+.
FLUAD contains the flu strains recommended for the current flu season, and it has something more: an adjuvant called MF59®. MF59 contains squalene, an oil that naturally occurs in the body.
In clinical tests, FLUAD was shown to provide a strong immune response to certain influenza strains in people aged 65 years and older. FLUAD was also found to be immunogenic against the “A” strain of influenza that has caused the majority of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from the flu.
FLUAD was shown to be well tolerated in clinical trials. In the clinical trial, the most common side effects of FLUAD were pain and tenderness where the shot was given, along with muscle aches, headache, and fatigue. These side effects were mild to moderate and went away in a few days.
FLUAD is given to adults aged 65 years and older as a single injection in the muscle.
Vaccines are covered by most insurance plans.


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