RediClinic Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine at Select Rite Aid Pharmacies – $320 (Adult - by request only)

What is Japanese encephalitis?
Japanese encephalitis (JE) is a serious infection caused by a virus. It occurs mainly in rural parts of Asia.
JE virus spreads through the bite of infected mosquitoes. It cannot spread directly from person to person.
The risk of JE is very low for most travelers, but it is higher for people living or traveling for long periods in areas where the disease is common.
Most people infected with JE virus don’t have any symptoms at all. For others, JE virus infection can cause illness ranging from fever and headache to severe encephalitis (brain infection).
Symptoms of encephalitis are fever, neck stiffness, seizures, changes in consciousness, or coma.
About 1 person in 4 with encephalitis dies. Of those who don’t die, up to half may suffer permanent brain damage. There is some evidence that an infection in a pregnant woman can harm her unborn baby.
How can I prevent Japanese encephalitis?
The best way to prevent JE is to avoid mosquito bites by:
  • Remaining in well-screened areas
  • Wearing clothes that cover most of your body
  • Using an effective insect repellent, such as those containing DEET
  • Using bed nets when accommodations are not adequately screened or air-conditioned
Some travelers to Asia should also receive JE vaccine.
Who should get Japanese encephalitis vaccine?
Japanese encephalitis vaccine is recommended for travelers to Asia who:
  • Plan to spend at least a month in areas where JE occurs
  • Are traveling to these areas for less than a month but plan to visit rural areas or engage in outdoor activities
  • Go to areas where there is a JE outbreak
  • Are not sure of their travel plans.
Laboratory workers at risk for exposure to JE virus should also get JE vaccine.
Japanese encephalitis Vaccine
JE vaccine is approved only for people 17 years of age and older. Younger people needing protection from Japanese encephalitis should talk with their RediClinic Clinician.
The vaccine is given as a 2-dose series, with the doses spaced 28 days apart. The second dose should be given at least 1 week before travel.
A booster dose of JE vaccine may be given to anyone who was vaccinated more than one year ago and is still at risk of exposure, or might be re-exposed. Your RediClinic Clinician can give more information.
JE vaccine may be given at the same time as other vaccines.

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