Best Weight Loss Program at RediClinic: Supervision by Dr. David Katz

RediClinic has partnered with renowned weight loss expert Dr. David Katz, director and founder of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center, to develop the revolutionary Weigh Forward program—the first and only comprehensive, medically supervised weight management program that is delivered in a grocery store. The 10-week program focuses on four key components of weight loss and management: medical, behavioral, exercise, and diet and nutrition. It is a medically-supervised program that allows patients to visit with a specially trained RediClinic Clinician 15-30 minutes a week to discuss barriers and solutions to make healthy lifestyle changes. RediClinic’s grocery store venue gives patients the convenience to follow the weekly meal plans because patients can purchase the food items he/she needs in conjunction with each weekly visit. In addition, there is a personalized patient web site to view weekly teachings by Dr. David Katz, track food and fitness activity, communicate with certified fitness and nutrition coaches, have access over 500 recipes, and so much more!

“Weigh Forward combines everything I have learned about weight management during 20 years of research and clinical practice with RediClinic’s unique grocery store platform to create a program that is effective, sustainable, accessible, affordable and family-friendly. It is dedicated to helping people not just lose weight, but also find health!”   

–Dr. David Katz

Experience the journey of a lifetime, resulting in significant improvements to your health and waistline—benefits that you will see and feel. Learn more.

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